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Rocketmiles: How to Boost Your Airline Miles with 1,000 Point Signup Bonus


Rocketmiles is a new service that allows you to accrue 1000s of airline miles when you book hotels. The great thing is you can use Rocketmiles to double dip with existing credit card bonuses and rack up a ton of points really quickly.

Update: Rocketmiles has a 3,000 mile bonus when you book your first hotel. You must be a registered user to do so, so signup here to get your 1,000 referral bonus, then use this link to get your 3,000 mile bonus.

How Does Rocketmiles Work

This year is going to be the year of first class travel for free, and the way to do this is to rack up tons of airline miles.


Rocketmiles functions very similar to your run-of-the-mill hotel booking website.  But with Rocketmiles there is one huge perk, you earn thousands, yes literally thousands of miles for the account of your choice (through any of the above pictured airlines) just by booking a hotel.

Don’t believe us?  Click here and earn a free 1,000 miles right off the bat when you sign up and make your first booking.

1,000 Bonus Miles on Signup with Rocketmiles


Signing up is quick and easy.  Easy enough that you could get through it without our mini-tutorial, but we’re going to give you the step by step anyways, just to speed things along.

Start out by clicking here, this will bring you to the Rocketmiles website and you will be directed to the screen above.  By clicking our link, instead of going directly to the website yourself, you will receive a bonus 1,000 miles.

Create an account by filling out the email and password lines and you are almost finished.

Once an account is created, click “My Account” in the upper righthand corner of your screen.

You can then add your name to your profile,  add any credit cards you would like to keep on file, view your existing reservations, and most importantly, add your miles accounts.

To add your accounts and start racking up your miles, click on the Miles/Points link on the lefthand side of the screen.  Simply click “Add Loyalty Account” and add your account from the airline options provided.  You can add numerous accounts the same way on this page at any time.

Booking a Hotel with Rocketmiles


As easy as signing up is, booking a hotel is even easier.  Like you would with Hotels.com, Expedia or any other booking site, you enter in all the information about your travel plans, along with what airline you would prefer to earn miles.  You are then directed to a comprehensive list of hotels to choose from, where they will tell you the nightly cost and how many miles you would earn for the stay.

I put in a random date and chose AAdvantage Miles with American Airlines and the first hotel on the list offers 11,000 miles for the three night stay.  Which means if you clicked our link then booked this hotel you would earn a total of 12,000 miles.

How to Double Dip with Rocketmiles & Chase Sapphire


The earnings don’t stop there.  Using the right credit card can make a huge difference in your points and miles earned.  For example, if you use your Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card to book a hotel through Rocketmiles you come out even more on top.

Chase Sapphire Preferred offers 2x the points on all travel purchases, which means if you book through Rocketmiles with this card, you not only earn the thousands of miles, but 2x your normal points as well.

Rocketmiles Bonus Analysis

Let’s look at an example scenario:


Booking a room at the Deauville in Miami Beach (I hope we can book this room considering it’s 30 degrees here in New York).

  • The room is $235/night, two nights is $470
  • You earn 5,000 bonus miles (I chose United due to their great first class options to Europe with points)
  • You earn 470 points for paying with your 2x points Chase Sapphire (470 x 2x)
  • Total points: 5,470
  • Total cost: $470

How does this compare to booking on Hotels.com?


  • Deauville at Hotels.com is $222, two nights is $444
  • You earn 888 points when using your Chase Sapphire for 2x ($444 x 2x)
  • You earn 1,332 points when you shop through Chase Ultimate Rewards (3x bonus) ($444 x 3x)
  • Total points: 2,220
  • Total cost: $444

So with Rocketmiles we get 3,250 more points, and pay $26 for these additional points. This comes to $.008 per point.

Whenever you are buying points at less than $.01, you are making out. So in this case, I would definitely go with Rocketmiles.

Final Review on Rocketmiles


If you want to fly first class for free, then Rocketmiles needs to be on your hit list when you’re booking trips. You can buy miles for less than $.01, which is a fantastic price. Just be sure to run the numbers by comparing another site, and make sure the numbers back out, or, just go for it and do all your bookings on Rocketmiles and fly the friendly skies faster.

Signup with my referral link and get 1,000 free miles with your first booking.

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