We Review the Best Rimowa Luggage by Price


We Review the Best Rimowa Luggage by Price (1)

Andrew, the brains behind Life, Tailored, has just returned back to NYC from a 10 day vacation at the Old Continent where he bought his first Rimowa. They’ve handled it amazingly and although spending more than $1000 on a pieces of luggage has always seemed a bit obscene, he highly recommended it to our editorial staff as well as everyone who calls JFK their home away from home. It didn’t go all smoothly through. The suitcase handle broke on the way home, and he had to use Rimowa 5 year warranty and send the piece to the repair shop here in New York. The handle was replaced along with one of the interior dividers that had gone missing and the suitcase is as good as new.

The best part is the suitcase was bought on sale, with a 30% discount, being bought used on eBay. With all of the Rimowa suitcases listed, it’s possible to buy them at a discount from eBay, just make sure the suitcase still has a portion of the 5 year warranty left which is based on when it was originally purchased. A good plan would be to sell the suitcase once the warranty is up, and then just buy another and repeat the cycle of savings. You can do the same with buying a brand new Rimowa suitcase. To choose the one that suits you best, we reviewed the best Rimowa luggage by price.

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