Postmates Blitz Pricing + $10 Off Promo Codes



Postmates, just like Uber, is offering ‘blitz pricing’ when demand is strongest.

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been times that I’ve wanted to get delivery from Postmates (between 5-8pm on a weeknight), and not been able to get a courier.

Now, hopefully, that problem will be solved, however, the cost may go up dramatically.

Uber’s surge pricing increases the cost of a ride from 1.5x up to 2x. I remember a late night trip from Astoria to Wall St. costing me $100 due to surge pricing (normal fare would be $50). It stung, but it was 2am, and I needed to get home.

We’ll be keeping tabs on the pricing for Postmates Blitz, and let you know how much additional it will cost.

For new customers of Postmates, use my Postmates promo code and get $10, or your first delivery for free.

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