Honeymoon Spots You’ll Remember Forever

According to the statistics, you most likely met your mate on a dating app.

26% of couples met from Tinder alone, not to mention all the varieties of apps out there. There is an app for almost anything. If you like bagels, you can meet with someone who likes coffee.

If what tickles your fancy is a little more risque, there are also fetish sites.

Regardless of how you met, what’s most important is your honeymoon.

That magical period of your life when everything is ahead of you.

Here are Incredible Honeymoon spots for couples…

Atacama Desert- Chile

This is one of the mind-blowing destinations that is nice to have a honeymoon. It is located beside the Pacific Ocean and is the driest desert in the world.

Sable Island- Canada

This is an attractive place to consider for your honeymoon vacation. It is located in Nova Scotia, and it lies amid the graveyard of the Atlantic, being one of the newest Canadian National parks. The island has over 400 wild horses, and it is a crescent-shaped sandbar. The most appropriate time to visit Sable Island is between September and November.

Tanzania- South Africa

If you or your spouse is a wildlife enthusiast, Tanzania is a remarkable place to go for a honeymoon. This is a place for game viewing and a glimpse of a wildlife safari like the big Five-African leopard, African lion, Cape buffalo, African elephant, and rhinoceros. You will have a romantic moment climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Dry Tortugas Islands- Mexico

This is a seven island archipelago, and it is about 7 miles west of the Key West in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a lovely place for adventurous couples who wants to experience nature and share love under the stars. Dry Tortugas Islands is a secluded place that does not have a hotel to stay in except for campsites.

Skylodge Adventure suites- Peru

It is loaded with lots of fun. The adventure suite is on a cliff that is 1200 ft. from the ground level. The sky lodge adventure suites have a glass that gives a clear view of all vastness. Getting to your assigned suite, you need to hike through or zipline.

Oymyakon valley- Russia

This valley is the coldest place globally and is a nice and perfect location for a memorable honeymoon. In oymyakon, you will have a good lifetime experience, unearthly beauty, and warm hospitality. You can enjoy activities like hiking, skiing, dog sledging, and more.

Ice Hotel- Sweden

It is the largest ice hotel globally, where everything in the hotel is made up of ice. Here, you will have an awesome view of the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. You will enjoy activities like fishing, horseback riding, dog sledging, ice sculpting, and more.

Jules’ undersea Lodge- USA

This is an impressive and fun honeymoon spot for couples to consider. It is in Key Largo and 30 ft. deep on the ocean floor. Getting to the lodge requires scuba diving through the waters. You both can explore the nocturnal marine life by going for night paddleboard tours, engage in swimming with the dolphins, paragliding, and parasailing, going for speedboat sightseeing, helicopter tour, whale watching, and more.

Colmar- France

 This is the most magical little town in France. It is located on the German border, with an aesthetic vineyard that can be explored with your partner on the bike. It is best visited in the spring between April-June and September-November. You can go on hiking, biking, and horse riding here.

Pangkor Laut- Malaysia

This is an astonishing destination for couples who want to have top of a world honeymoon. The ocean sets it, and it offers remarkable services and nice climate control and view facilities. You can enjoy trekking, diving, and cycling for a spice-up.

Havana- Cuba

Havana is one of the unique spots for a honeymoon. It has beaches where you can explore lots of activities. You can go on hiking, diving, bike tour, and more in Havana. As couples, you will have a good moment here for your honeymoon.

Giza- Egypt

If you want to explore a rare place with your partner, consider going to Giza for a honeymoon. It is a place with magnificent pyramids and the oldest monuments in the world. There are many nice places to stay in Giza and engage in activities like Quad Bike ATV ride, hot air balloon, grand safari, and more.


The honeymoon shouldn’t be taken in a light mood. It should be the time to express the token of your love to your partner. Looking for a serene, romantic, and wonderful place to have your honeymoon spent, it’s best to consider one of these places.

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