Gett: The New Black Car Service in NYC + $20 off!


Gett Coupon Updates

Gett current coupon: $20 off your first ride with the promo code “GTANDRE”.

Click here to claim your $20 off coupon.Gett-Car-Service

Here is another great way to get around the city and here’s why: using only first rate town cars and professional drivers, Gett is fast, reliable and easy.  Another huge perk?  Gett’s pricing system is 100% fixed with no surprise charges.

They work on what they call a 5-5-5 pricing system, which basically means only $5 extra during rush hour (you never get charged for sitting in traffic), $5 for each additional stop and of course your standard $5 base fare.

Gett has been pretty innovative in their attempt to differentiate themselves from Uber. They recently ran a “get anything” promotion where you could get your nails done, get a tarot card reading, all in the car.

Getting around the city has never been easier.  Download the app on your smartphone and use promo code “Gett20” and get $20 off your first ride!

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