Get Ready for BLADE & JetSmarter Allaince


Given the continued success of BLADE Bounce, the on-demand helicopter service between Manhattan and area airports, Blade is launching an exclusive alliance with JetSmarter, a mobile app that seamlessly connects travelers to private jets at attractive fares, with worldwide itineraries, real-time availability and instant bookings.

Through this partnership, all JetSmarter members who book a jet to or from select New York area airports, can Bounce between Manhattan and the airport at no additional cost. JetSmarter members also enjoy unlimited free empty leg flights, wholesale charter pricing and 24/7 Aviation Specialist support.

All you have to do is download the JetSmarter app and register with invite code “BLADE3QRE” within the next 10 days to be eligible for exclusive JetSmarter membership perks.

Learn more about JetSmarter here!


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