Here’s All You Need To Know About Thailand Visa For Indians

Thailand is a country that is self-evident. You’re thinking about beaches, shopping, beauty, wildernesses, and some delectable Thai cuisine when you hear the word! And you’re right about the money. This location provides everything you need to make your stay enjoyable. However, let’s be honest: when a vacation is carefully planned, it can come out just as we want it to, and the first step in that process is obtaining a visa for the target location! 

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Is a Visa required for Indians to visit Thailand?

To enter Thailand, Indians must obtain a visa. Depending on your visit’s objective, you can receive a visa on arrival if you’re only traveling for tourism and won’t be staying more than two weeks.

If you’re going to Thailand for more than two weeks, or going for business or seeing family and friends, you may need to apply for a Thailand visa for Indians before you leave.

Is there a Visa on arrival for Indian citizens in Thailand?

Yes, Indian citizens can get a visa on arrival in Thailand, but under certain conditions and at several places. At each of Thailand’s international airports, the Visa on Arrival service is offered 24 hours a day:

  • Phuket International Airport,
  • Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport,
  • Suvarnabhumi International Airport,
  • Surat Thani’s Samui Airport,
  • Chiangmai International Airport is located in Chiangmai, Thailand,
  • Songkla’s Hatyai International Airport

Here’s all about Thailand Visa for Indians

The Royal Thai Embassy/ Consulate, part of Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), administers and regulates entry into the country.

Indian passport holders are permitted to go to Thailand for tourism, business, job, studies, and a variety of other purposes, depending on the criteria set forth for each visa category. Applicants can either apply for a Thailand visa ahead of time or use the Visa on Arrival (VOA) option (maximum of 15 days stay-period). In addition, applicants may choose to apply online or offline, depending on the purpose of travel and visa criteria; however, many types of visas do not allow more than one form of application.

How to apply for a Thailand Visa for Indians?

To be eligible for a Visa to Thailand, all candidates must complete the application process. The application process necessitates the submission of a full application form as well as any other documentation. In addition, all applicants must pay the non-refundable visa fee upon submitting their application for it to be processed. A visa can be issued or rejected for a variety of reasons, depending on the application, eligibility factors, and the requirements of the applicant.

Why should I buy travel insurance for Thailand?

Now that you have all of the details on obtaining a visa for Thailand, we’ll move on to the most critical part: obtaining – Travel Insurance.

You should purchase travel insurance for Thailand to protect yourself from unanticipated events such as:

  • Medical bills in a foreign nation are exorbitant;
  • Your luggage will be safe;
  • Safety and assurance during a medical emergency;
  • Emergency evacuation from the hotel;
  • Aid for your adventurous trips;
  • In the event of loss of visa or passport.

Most of us consider travel insurance to be an unnecessary investment. It’s something that, more often than not, gets overlooked while making trip plans. For years, travelers have undervalued the importance of travel insurance because its function is only revealed when things go wrong. But, after all, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry, especially when you’re away from home.

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