Enhance Your Travels with Mr. Porter


Anything to make a long trip a little more comfortable is nothing short of a wish come true.  Help make all your trips the most comfortable yet with these Jet-Set Essentials from Mr. Porter.

When all you need is some shuteye…
The Armand Diradourian cashmere pillow and eye mask is perfect for those long flights.  At the perfect size for travel the 10″ x 13″ heavenly pillow will hardly take up any room on your carryon, and will get more use than anything else in there.  Available for $215 at Mr. Porter.

When sleep isn’t an option…
The B&O Play H6 Headphones are perfect for blocking out that extra noise while trying to get some work done… or to help you ignore the toddler three rows back, either way.  Available at Mr. Porter for $400.

For the things you just don’t trust with someone else…
The perfect carry-on is big enough cram all your necessities, yet small enough to cram under the seat in front of you (or at least the overhead compartment). This canvas and leather bag by Mulberry does both.  Available for $1,000, once you pack this carry-on you’ll wonder why you ever wasted time others.

For the times you just have to check a bag…
Unfortunately sometimes we all have to wait at baggage claim, but you can be sure your breakables are still intact with this aluminum suitcase by Rimowa.  Standing at 78cm tall with a purchase price of $1,160 this is the ultimate contender in modern luggage.  The German engineered suitcase is not only durable, but lightweight and and equipped with wheels to help your skirt passed those dreaded slow-moving travelers.

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