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23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying


We’ve made a pledge that 2014 is going to be the year of First Class flying without paying first class prices. How do we do that? Airline miles. It’s possible to get an $11,000 First Class Roundtrip ticket from the US to Europe for just 135,000 United miles. To help you get these miles, we’ve put together a list of ways to collect United.com airline miles without stepping foot on a flight.

There are many ways of getting that extra mile, it’s just about finding the right the approach that fits your needs. You might find out that you already use some of these suggestions, you just need to take advantage of them and cash in your flight miles. You might reconsider changing your credit card for an airline card and getting loads of miles there or shopping online at stores that you already adore and earn some extra miles with everyday purchases.

Some of the options are as simple as renting a car at a rental service that has a deal with an airline, same goes for hotel chains and even restaurants. Finally a reward for clicking a Facebook “like” button, testing promotional merchandise and watching TV. Yes, you got that right, cashing on your free flight by watching Game of Thrones.

We suggest putting together a game plan to achieve your flight goals. Where do you want to go this year, and how many miles will it take? Based on that, plan to use this article as a template to reach your mile goals.

1. Signup for Rocketmiles

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-rocketmilles

You will get 1,000 miles when completing your first booking at Rocketmiles. Book a hotel trough Rocketmiles for the same rates, get thousands of airline miles – up to 5,000 per night and use your miles to reach your dream destination faster. Rockemiles has the best offers and covers thousands of cities worldwide.

2. e-Rewards Opinion Panel

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-e-rewards

Sign up today for e-Rewards Opinion Panel and you will receive 250 bonus award miles when you complete your first survey. One of the worlds leading opinion panels will reward you for the time you spend answering surveys and sharing your opinion.

3. Airline Dining Program

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-airline dining program

Register for a dining program online and get 3 miles for every dollar spend at thousands of restaurants and bars in the program. What`s better than that! Find restaurants in your area and make the best out of your delicious meals. You get 1,000 MilagePlus bonus awards when signing in with the program.

4. My Points

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-my points

Join My Points, shop online, play games, redeem coupons and earn up to 1,000 award miles. Getting payed back for shopping might seem like a dream come true, so go find your favorite retailers, earn points from each transaction and redeem them as your travel miles.

5. Shopping at your favorite stores

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-evreward

Stores you already shop at might have a deal with your airline company that can bring you extra miles. Best Buy, Target, Barnes & Noble and Safeway are just a few, for more information check evreward.com.

6. Opinion Miles Club

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-opinion miles club

Earn 300 award miles when you join Opinion Miles Club and complete your first survey. Share your opinion on products and services that shape your life and earn award miles with every survey that you take. It`s easy and fast.

7. 600 More Miles from Opinion Miles Club with United Club

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-Chase-United-MileagePlus-Club-Card

Earn 600 award miles if you have your MileagePlus Club card when you join Opinion Miles Club and complete your first survey. MileagePlus Club card was selected as “the best credit card” by Global Traveler Magazine and offers many other benefits besides award miles.

8. Sign up for travel credit cards

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-airline cards

Signing up for airline credit cards can bring you mileage bonuses up to 40,000 or more. We selected a few of the most popular but there are many many more that will earn you extra miles and other great benefits. More information at cardsfortravel.com.

9. Get The Chase Ink Card

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-

Using a Chace Ink Plus card can get you 5x more points than normal card for things that you would normally buy, like office supplies and gift cards. Reconsidering your method of payment can get you some extra airline miles. There have been Chase signup bonuses for as a high as 50,000 points (miles) int he past.

10. Shop on Living Social

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-shop online

Wouldn`t it be great if you could just earn some extra points buy doing everyday choirs you need to do anyway? Well, you can. Shop online at Sears, Sephora, WSJ wine and LivingSocial and get award miles at United airlines.

11. 50,000 Miles from a Fidelity account

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-fidelity

If you have some extra dollars laying around you can open a Fidelity account and earn up to 50,000 award miles. This will not only benefit you from getting that extra mile you need for your trip but also for your financial future.

12. Buy Miles from United at $.035 Each

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-buying miles

If you`re only a few miles short you can always buy them. United usually charges 3.5 cents per mile plus a 7.5% excise tax. It may not be the best way to get extra miles and it surely isn`t the cheapest but it can really come in handy in some cases.

13. Like airlines on Facebook

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-Facebook-Like-Button

How many requests for liking something on Facebook do you get per day? I would say at least a few if you have as committed friends as me. Many airlines and hotels give bonus miles just for clicking the “like” button so watch out for those.

14. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-Chase_Sapphire_Preferred_Card

Chase credit cards are a great way to get extra Unite miles.You gain 40,000 award miles after spending $3000 in first 3 months on your Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and can easily transfer them to United.  That`s $500 in travel. There are bonus points after you add first authorized user and when dining with travel and dine program.

15. Shop at Chase’s Ultimate Rewards

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-ultimate reward

Shopping at Ultimate Rewards is a great way to get miles. You can get up to 10x the amount of points for the amount of your purchase. United is a transfer partner of Ultimate Rewards.

16. Book a hotel

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-hotels

Some chain hotels allow you to transfer your hotel points to partner airlines, earning you extra miles. Even better are the hotels that give you hotel points as well as miles. Two great deals at a time.

17. Car rentals

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-HertzMilesAndSmiles_thumb

It`s almost inevitable you have to rent a car from time to time, especially when you are on vacation. Some car rentals can earn you award miles, so chose your rental with that in mind. Hertz  and Thrifty are just two of them.

18. Small Business Network

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-small business network

Another great way to earn award miles by taking care of your business. By paying utilities, buying office supplies and shipping packages through Small Business Network, you will earn award miles.

19. Signup for DirecTV

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-direcTV

Sign up for DirecTV and get 25,000 United miles. Make the best of it by watching your favorite TV shows, movies and cooking channels. What ever suits your taste.

20. Test drive promotions

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-promotions

Sounds a bit crazy but testing out new equipment, like a new car or visiting a hair loss clinic can get you extra miles. You have to look out for these, since they pretty much come and go.

21. Exchange gift cards for award miles

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-gift cards

Sounds simple and it truly is, you can exchange your gift cards for award miles at United. Surely you have some left from the holidays, the ones that your aunt gave you for the kitchen supplies or your sister`s gift card for Bed Bath & Beyond. Transform them into miles and thank them later.

22. 2,000 Miles for Joining a Gym

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-Join a gym

Could not have thought of a better way to earn extra miles than by getting you to the gym to work out and get your body and mind back to shape. You can earn 2,000 miles by signing into one of 10,000 gyms nationwide.

23. 5,500 Miles from LifeLock

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-lifelock

You never know when that movie scenario will happen to you and someone will steal your identity. It happens more often than you would think. If you enroll with LifeLock identity theft protection, you get 5,500 miles.

Whenever you see offers for miles, you should jump on them. Remember your points strategy and start collecting miles today.

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