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Best Spots In Singapore For The Avid Photographer

If you are an avid photographer looking to visit a far away land with amazing landscapes and backdrops that you can take advantage of with your new camera, you have to check out Singapore. For most people Singapore might just look like a little island on a large map, but with just a little bit of research and exploration, you will truly be surprised.  There is not only a wide range of multi-cultured individuals, but there are a lot of scenic photography spots that most individuals would never know about if they didn’t see them firsthand.

Check Out HortPark

HortPark located at 33 Hyderabad Road just off Alexandera Road is without a doubt one of the most amazing and beautiful gardens that you can every experience. There is an abundance of flowers and insects that you can capture with your camera. The spot is totally peaceful and quite, so you will be able to totally concentrate and become one with nature while you are snapping away different shots. In addition to this, this is a great place for a peaceful walk or relaxing afternoon.

Take Advantage Of The Hidden Gillman Barracks

The Gillman Barracks is a little hidden hipster hangout that is home to several different amazing art galleries. You can actually bring your cameras inside and snap photos while standing next to a wide range of different amazing pieces and works of art. This place is so hidden and secret that if you stop and ask directions most people won’t know what you are talking about.

Marina Bay District

Whether you are looking for a shopping adventure or a casino adventure, you can have it all at Marina Bay. In fact, this district is considered the business district, but it much more than that, as it is filled with skyscrapers, public gardens, Super Trees, museums and motels, as well as a convention center, casino and shopping mall. Regardless, if you are traveling alone or with your family, you will definitely want to spend some time in the Marina Bay district. Be sure to capture your good side, with a TeemusPhoto, so you can share your amazing experience with your family, friends and co-workers.

Riverside District

Singapore’s Riverside District is very family and business oriented. If you are traveling to the country as part of a business venture or vacation, you will surely want to visit the Riverside District. Here, you will find the most luxurious nightspots, where everything happens after dark. During the day, you can take in a sightseeing adventure to see some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers and amazing monuments.

The Cavenagh Bridge, constructed in 1869, is Singapore’s oldest and only suspension bridge. If you want to capture an extraordinary image of yourself and family, you will definitely want to do it on the bridge. Thousands of people flock to the Cavehagh Bridge each year, just to take a picture. Be sure to take notice of the sign that forbids cattle to cross the bridge.

Central Business District

You wouldn’t think that someone looking to capture amazing photos would be heading into the heart of the business district, but when it comes to Singapore it would be a mistake to miss out on this area. There are tons of different towering office buildings that make for amazing shot anytime of the day. The best thing about this area is that during the afternoon the huge buildings usually block out most of the sun, so you truly can capture an amazing shot without a lot of sunlight and shadow.

Chilling Out At Changi Beach

Throughout the years there have been a lot of different resorts and businesses that have open up across the Changi Beach, but one thing can be said about this spot, and that it that nothing takes away from its calm and relaxing atmosphere. You will without a doubt encounter a lot of angler during your visit to this spot. However, if you arrive just at the right time in the afternoon you can catch the sun setting.

The New Attraction Of Gardens By The Bay

If you have been to Singapore in the past, you will notice a new hot spot that was there last time during your visit, and this spot is Garden of The Bay. This location is home to three man made trees that soar over 16 stories tall, and just look absolutely amazing. Capturing this spot from a distance or close up is truly amazing either way, but whatever the situation is, you have to check out this spot.

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