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8 Best Islands for a Honeymoon Vacation

Who doesn’t dream of a perfect beach vacation at some remote island? Sadly though,with today’s modern and hectic lifestyle, most of us will never find the time. Most of us only have a handful of chances to take a long leave from family and work, so we must make sure to make the most out of each.

An honeymoon getaway presents such opportunity, and a chance at a once in a lifetime experience. It might just be one of the most important occasions and your life, and so it requires careful planning. Keep reading for the best islands to spend a romantic vacation at, and tips how to prepare for each in advance.

Bora Bora

This French Polynesian island is still one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. You could stay at some of the most luxurious resorts in the world, surrounded by beautiful beaches and nature. Although this trip would be quite expensive, Bora Bora is still remains the ultimate island destination. When you close your eyes and dream of paradise – this is how it’ll look like.

The islands of Hawaii

At this point, suggesting an honeymoon vacation in Hawaii already sounds a bit like a cliche. But that only serves to show how well suited the place is for romantic getaways. Hawaii certainly gives Bora Bora and other location a decent run for their money. The main advantage to an Hawaiian holiday is how diverse the place is – there are many different islands, each with it’s own different flavor.

Since tourism to Hawaii is so well developed, no matter which island you visit you are guaranteed to enjoy the highest standards imaginable. Granted, it won’t be cheap, but budget shouldn’t be the top consideration for such a vacation.

Dominican Republic

With every year that passes, the Dominican Republic’s popularity rises and the country establishes itself as the premier Carribbean tourist destination. It’s really no surprise, since this place has it all. From all inclusive resorts on stunning beaches, to beautiful cities full of rich history.

Relatively cheap compared to other destinations, the Dominican Republic is only expected to rise in popularity. There’s really no reason why it shouldn’t become one of the world’s leading island locations. If you have enough time to spare, and your budget permits, consider adding even more countries and building a full Carribbean package.


Located roughly 200 kilometers from the Greek mainland, the Santorini group of islands are actually the aftermath of a violent volcanic eruption a long time ago. The aftermath transformed a single small island into a lagoon, surrounded by steep limestone cliffs. The small towns and villages that occupy these cliffs create a truly picturesque scene.

Santorini is probably Europe’s best island destination, and considered one of the best in the world. it’s also a great place for history buffs with many well preserved archeology sites. Since Greek economy is struggling for a while now, it’s also a relatively cheap option. You could easily combine Santorini into a larger holiday plan – and explore other Greek islands, as well as nearby Turkey and Sicily for example.


For the last two years Palawan has been named the best island in the world. This island province in the Philippines offers a perfect combination of beautiful nature and diverse activities and attractions. There are literally hundreds of different islands around Palawan, all within a short boat ride from the major tourists spots – El Nido, Coron and Puerto Princesa.

If you have to choose one spot, don’t think twice and stay at El Nido. It’s hands down one of the best honeymoon locations in the whole world. Where else can you find private island luxury resorts for less than 100$ per night? Make sure you go on a few island hopping tours, and explore nearby beaches. Palawan is also famous for being a world class diving site – with an extremely diverse marine ecosystem. If you never dived, it’s a perfect opportunity to get your certificate, or you can settle for snorkeling instead.


After some debate, we’ve decided to include another Philippines island separately. It’s true most people combine both Boracay and Palawan into one vacation, but still, Boracay deserves a mention of its own. That is thanks to being home to what is considered the best beach in the world – the stunning White Beach area.

Not only that, these two islands have won the top 2 spots in Condé Nast and Travel & Leisure ‘best island in the world’ lists. These are two of the most prestigious travel magazines, so it means a lot. Boracay is a very small island, and according to Philippinestravelpackage.com there are “over 3 million tourist visiting each year”. So, you should do well to book your resort and flight a long time in advance.


20-30 years ago, Bali would’ve surely be on top of any such list. Sadly, what used to be Asia’s best kept secret has now turned into a huge tourist magnet. Still, Bali remains one of the best honeymoon spots in the world, thanks to stunning beaches and breathtaking nature all around you.

Over-development has some positive effects as well. Bali is now full of luxury resorts, which might be more suitable for those with high standards. Undoubtedly, these makes for a more romantic vacation than staying at some youth hostel. Also, the islands now offer much more tour options, as well as bars and restaurants. Subsequently, prices have gone up, but they are still very competitive compared to the other locations on our list.

The Maldives

Last on our list of recommended islands are the Maldives. This group of islands in the Indian Ocean are famous worldwide for being the most luxurious vacation spot you could imagine. While resorts levels vary a bit, most of them are 5 star private island resorts with all amenities and services included. Mix that with breathtaking scenery, and you’ll understand why these hotels attract the rich and famous.

These hotels offer a variety of tours and activities for their guests, so you are sure to always be entertained. The whole area is perfect for snorkeling, diving and swimming with dolphins. With private beaches only a few meters away from your room, the Maldives offer the perfect setting for a romantic vacation.

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