Apps to have before travelling to Canada

Travelers rely on their cell phones more than ever while planning and taking trips. Google Play and the App Store provide a vast selection of travel-related applications that may assist with virtually every element of a trip, from directions to apps to play while traveling. This involves locating last-minute hotel and travel discounts, packing the appropriate stuff, managing budgets on the move, researching nearby attractions, and interpreting foreign languages.

To help you prepare for your upcoming Canadian vacation, we decided to expose you to some of the country’s most useful travel applications.

While you may already have Airbnb, Uber, and Google Translate to assist you in French-speaking regions like Quebec, you may not be aware that there are a number of other amazing applications that are, in many cases, built expressly for visitors to Canada.


While you will not be denied flight boarding or entry for failing to submit the required information through ArriveCAN, you will face additional delays at the border for public health questioning. You may also be subject to enforcement action, so it pays simply to download the app and submit the required information.

There is the possibility of severe penalties and even imprisonment for tourists who disregard health and travel safety rules or give inaccurate information.

After entering the necessary information, a receipt will be sent to you, or you can snap a screenshot of your confirmation to provide to a Canadian border services officer upon entrance.

Even once border restrictions are eased, the Canadian government is expected to continue utilizing this app in some manner, but the precise information necessary may alter.

Air Canada

If you download just one airline app for Canada, it will likely be this one, as Air Canada is unquestionably the largest and most popular airline in the country.

Air Canada serves more than 200 destinations globally, including all major Canadian cities, and is widely recognized as one of the greatest airlines in North America.

The Air Canada + Aeroplan app allows you to book flights, retrieve your boarding passes offline, and get gate change and boarding time notifications. Through Air Canada’s Rouge Player, you may also see the in-flight menu and stream movies, television shows, and music.


With this software, the majority of travelers coming to Canada may submit their information at one of the accessible Primary Inspection Kiosks at the major airports 50% faster. The application enables travelers to declare up to five family members. Before entering the nation, a traveler’s profile and declaration may be made using the application, which operates in airplane mode.

National Parks Of Canada

Numerous tourists visit Canada to see the country’s enormous wildness. In Canada’s over 50 national parks and reserves, an abundance of wildlife may be observed, including bears, wolves, and moose.

The Parks Canada app enables you to search for national parks and historical places that you may want to visit. You may create an itinerary and download maps of hiking trails.

You’ll find a list of activities in each park, basic camping guidelines, including advice on what to bring, and connections to the many websites where you can make reservations for camping inside the parks.

Beyond the renowned national parks, this application reveals the country’s hidden natural treasures. With at least one national park in each province and territory of Canada, you are sure to discover a park near your desired trip location.

WikiCamps Vs. iOverlander

  • WikiCamps Canada has the largest collection of campsites in Canada, whether you’re searching for primitive camping or a modern RV park. Many of the app’s functions are accessible offline, and new campsites are being added often. There are already more than 9,000 different campsites for which you may examine images and read recent reviews. You may refine your camping search results to see spots that are powered/non-powered, allow dogs, have showers, toilets, dump stations, etc. The application also includes a seven-day weather prediction.


  • iOverlander is a free alternate version to WikiCamps Canada. This software is not unique to Canada, but it is extensively used by tourists in the country because of the popularity of overlanding through the vast Canadian wilderness. Like WikiCamps Canada, the app is a highly valuable tool for campers. Its maps include important destinations not often seen on campground locators, such as laundromats, auto repairs, propane filling stations, restaurants, and even adjacent tourist attractions. Constantly updated sights and information are provided, and you may add new locations to share your expertise with other overlanders and campers. This software was created by a group of outdoor and camping enthusiasts.


iSki Canada boasts some of the greatest winter skiing in the world, and the iSki Canada app is a must-have if you’re traveling to Canada’s premier ski destinations like Whistler or Lake Louise.

Amongst a bunch of useful applications, this particular application provides extensive information about the majority of Canada’s premier ski resorts, including the most recent ski resort upgrades.

View snow reports and predictions, ski path maps, and live webcams from various ski resorts. Additionally, a GPS tracker may record your ski runs by tracking your speed, duration, distance, etc. Share your abilities on the slopes with your friends and compete with other skiers for rewards within the app.

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