7 Unique Places in Russia You Should Visit

Working on your itinerary for the Russia trip? Perfect! It is probably filled with the most popular and common places for sightseeing. Of course, that is always guaranteed fun, but if you are looking for something more unconventional, we present you a list of 7 unique places in Russia you should definitely visit.

Izmailovo Kremlin

The Izmailovo Kremlin is located just outside of Moscow, in the Izmailovo district. It is probably one of the most colorful and magical places in Russia. Part fortress, part labyrinth, this Kremlin is great fun to visit. So let yourself get lost in the castle’s radiant designs, and we guarantee a surreal and fairytale-like experience!

Izmailovo Kremlin:

Bunker 42

Sixty-five meters below the streets of Moscow, this attraction is equal parts ominous and exciting. The Soviets built the bunker in anticipation of the nuclear bomb attacks from Americans. But make no mistake – it was not a place for the common folk – it was actually made to protect the country’s most influential people and the leaders. Stalin himself used to hang out there, and now it is open for tourists to roam freely.

The Museum of Soviet Arcade Games

In the city of St. Petersburg, you will find the coolest museum of old-school arcade games ever! These games were built in the time of Soviet Russia, and amazingly, most of them still work, so you can actually play them. It is fascinating to see the Russian take on Japanese and American arcade games and notice the obvious similarities.

Also, if you are looking for a more exciting way to get to St. Petersburg or any other city, check out Russian river cruises.

The Vodka Museum

People sometimes make fun of the stereotype that Russians love vodka, but how can you not think that when there is a whole museum for it? This one is also located in St. Petersburg, and it displays multiple different bottles of vodka, shot glasses, and souvenirs. The museum is actually partly a restaurant called “Vodka Room No. 1” where you can enjoy this alcoholic beverage like a true Russian.


Sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland, the city of Kaliningrad was formed during the ending days of World War II when the Red Army stubbornly refused to give this territory up. Now it is mostly a military base for Russian aircraft, but simply knowing its history makes it fun enough to visit.


Pavlov’s House

A trip to the Russian city Volgograd will bring you to the wonder that is Pavlov’s house. At first sight, it is just a red, brick wall, uncomfortably framed into the side of a random building, but it looks so weird that it makes you think – what is the story behind it? Well, at this very wall, a certain Red Army sergeant named Pavlov and his band of military men stood together and held off attacks of the German troops for six whole months. Impressive, right?

Lenin’s Mausoleum

Last but not least – a little unsettling and at the same time a little creepy looking grave of the dictator and founder of the Soviet Union. Lenin’s waxed body lies in the middle of the Red Square in Moscow, and usually, the place is crowded with people who want to get a glimpse at this unique monument. Some even come to pay their respects, and you can still see people taking off their hats as a sign of courtesy.

Make sure to include these quirky and fun places in your to-see list. It will make your trip even more exciting and will make for plenty of stories to tell afterward. Why restrict yourself to only the most popular objects when there are so many less-known but completely unique ones? Mix it up a little and prepare to have the best trip ever!

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