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The big apple is the city of big dreams or broadway. From the beautiful lights of Time Square, Central Park, to the iconic Statue of Liberty, New York City is seen in many movies, shows and for many photographers a great place to photograph and share with the world. The best place to find shots of New York would be the one and only Instagram and I listed the 25 best New York City Instagram’s to follow.

Kevin Lu


Kevin Lu, aka @sweatengine, captures the best of New York City. You can find more of his work on his website, fametasy.com.


Humza Deas


Description: Humza Deas uses his skills to capture New York city through his creative eye. Taking photo through risk taking ventures showing the beautiful New York through his Instagram. You can visit his website at humzadeas.com where you have the opportunity to purchase his prints at specific costs.

Setting off the new year with @cutmastersj. #2015 #CreateYourHype

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Kevin Ghim


Description: Kevin Ghim is an asian based photographer who uses NYC as his canvas. All his photos and editing is done on his iPhone. Follow him for more NYC shots and have the opportunity to purchase his prints through instacanvas.


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Jason Peterson


Description: Clean black and white shots of New York with the hints of color. The way he captures the New York darkness will make you want to turn to the dark side.

a stranger in my own home town

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Drew Genesis


Description: Genesis really capture New York in the moment. The moment where a bird takes off, the moment of a street protest even a moment of solitude. He really makes you appreciate the priceless moments of a second.


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Description: A feminine touch to rough New York City.

Born to stand out. @coach #CultoftheOutrageousAtomicCarriageHouse

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Description: The passion this photographer has about his photography is literally over the top, literally. He will go as high and as close to the edge to capture his breath taking photos.

My City

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Antonio Jaggie


Description: New York City after Dark.

Operation Metro

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Sam Morrison


Description: Sam’s brilliant eye captures New York how everyone in the world sees it. A perfect photo.




Description: Rob’s brilliant eye is organic. Capturing not only the city on it’s finest sunny day, but on the rainy gloomy days as well.


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Kurt Dee


Description: Capturing New York literally through the lens of his iPhone.

Thank You.

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Sylvio Sandino


Description: A primarily black and white instagram of New York you will wonder how he got to capture the busy city of New York looking so empty.



Patrick Waldo


Description: With his photos it is very large or very tiny. Captures New York on the daily.

#17StateStreet soaking up that lost drop of sunlight as its wont to do

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Kevin Lu


Description: When going through the photos it really brings New York city to look like such a peaceful city. With the stereotypical assumption of it being such a busy city he make it look beautiful and empty.



Jonathan Suarez


Description: The way they capture New York city is very whimsical. It almost seems unreal.

The possibilities are endless. #nyc

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Description: Capturing the city of New York at its grungiest.

What's every one doing right now tho ?

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Description: This photographer really takes New York at it’s most authentic state. The people of New York. You will see the variety of styles, personalities, and the cultures of the city.


Darius Alonzo


Description: Darius Alonzo is a 22 year old student who captures the city of New York through his lens and tells it through his old soul.

New York // #vscocam

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Anthony Danielle


Description: This photographer takes photo not only of the city and skylines, but of random pedestrians of the city in action.


Sean Pell


Description: Sean Pell take a very unique take on New York down to the smallest detail, literally. From the raindrops of the rain to the Sunset details. Every picture that Sean posts tells a story. Brings New York city down to the grungy detail.




Description: If you want to see New York from a birds eye view then this is the instagram that takes breathtaking photos of the city of New York.




Description: What looks like art is what is taken through the lens. From dance, sports, nature and city skylines this is a very artistic Instagram of New York City.




Description: Every photo looks like it would be found in a magazine editorial. There is something about his photos of New York that is classy and elegant.


Vivienne Gucwa


Description: Capturing New York City at it’s finest.




Description: You will wonder how Steve captures the shots in his Instagram. Though you can appreciate every photo and want to put it up as art in your house, ask yourself, “What was his journey to taking the photo?”


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