10 Reasons Why Qatar Should Be on Your Bucket List

Qatar is a small peninsula with over 560 km of coastline in the Arabian Gulf, yet it more than makes up for its modest size with modernity, elegance, and adventure. For a trip, you won’t soon forget, the country skilfully combines centuries of Middle Eastern culture with contemporary amenities and experiences.

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Qatar’s visa-free requirements will help tourists enjoy its stunning architecture and artefacts, fantastic entertainment, and delicious local and foreign cuisines. Here are some reasons why every traveller’s bucket list should include a stop in Qatar.

  • Arabian Nights Feeling

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Arabian Nights at Lusail Marina in Qatar provides guests with a glimpse into the lovely Qatari traditional culture through an atmosphere of the recreated desert. The event offers traditional bazaars, stalls for souvenirs, Arabic seating, various entertainment options, Arabic food and beverages and the charm of an old Arab town for its visitors. Undoubtedly, Qatar will surely impress you in different ways.

  • Architectural style

The architecture of Qatar blends geometric patterns, conventional patterns, and the country’s topography. A natural mineral structure created in wet sand. For instance, the National Museum of Qatar resembles hundreds of interconnecting discs fitted together to form a desert rose. The recently built Al Thumama Stadium for the FIFA World Cup reflects Qatar’s culture through the “ghafiya”, a traditional headgear of men.

Msheireb, a sustainable downtown, has hotels, theatres, museums, restaurants, malls, and Doha Design District.

  • Blending of cultures

With people, cuisines, and languages from all over the world available, Qatar is genuinely a multicultural community. Only in the Middle East, where the east meets the west, can you hopefully experience such a strong fusion of cultures. When it comes to the population in Qatar, a little over 15 per cent of it is locals, with the remaining being foreigners from different countries.

The high blending of cultures, food, diversity, traditions, and ethnicity makes Qatar a place of diverse cultures and lifestyles.

  • It’s Art

Qatar has a lot to offer art enthusiasts due to its collaboration with different countries every year. Art is the beating heart of Qatar, pulsing through its remarkable public works like the huge spider Maman, a fire station turned art gallery and the enchanting National Museum of Qatar. You will come across exceptional activities like Arabic calligraphy and gypsum carving or attending a performance by the philharmonic orchestra.

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The Al Riwaq Museum exhibit “Driven by German Design” offers a look into the future while tracing the evolution of German design from as early as the 1950s to the present.

  • The Coastline

It is little wonder Qatar is the go-to location for outstanding beach experiences, with over 563 kilometres of breathtaking coastline, warm Gulf waters, and year-round sunshine. Qatar’s beaches are breathtakingly stunning. Qatar is the best option if you want to travel to a beach location, which isn’t a tropical one.

Even more stunning are the white sand beaches. The beaches are also well-kept and peaceful places to spend time. Some famous beaches are Al Maroona, Fuwairit, Simaisma, Al Wakrah, Al Ghariya, and Sealine.

  • Luxurious comfort

For tourists who wish to travel in style, Qatar is the perfect destination. You may construct your own luxurious schedule, complete with a limousine ride, designer shopping, four-poster mattresses on the beach, and a private tour to watch the pink flamingos in the mangroves if you so want.

Also, a floating feast in a spotless infinity pool, a royal massage with 24-carat gold, and a luxurious stay in a six-star hotel with round-the-clock service is available to you. These first-rate activities, which range from private desert excursions to super yachts will make you feel like a royal.

  • A passion for history

The Zubarah fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-see location for history buffs. The robust fort served as a Coast Guard station until the middle of the 1980s when it was converted into a museum to house finds from the neighbouring Al Zubarah ancient site.

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Barzan towers, a landmark that was formerly utilised as a watchtower and is located in the Umm Salal Mohammed municipality, was recently renovated. Another historical landmark located in the heart of Souq Waqif is the Doha Fort, which is also called the Al Koot Fort. It is now a museum, though it was a police station earlier.

  • Because of its hospitality

Qatar’s hospitality sector has been a prime attraction among tourists to make it the most sought-after destination. The overall guest satisfaction rates are high on aspects like location, service, room quality, cleanliness, and value for money.

  • The adventures

Tourists can spark their excitement with a range of adventures in Qatar, perfect for cave explorers, dune bashers, extreme sports lovers, and desert campers. You can get your adrenaline pumping with anything either zipping along the water or racing over dunes by choosing from dragon boating, parasailing, wakeboarding, and scuba diving.

  • The cuisine

As a cuisine-rich peninsula, restaurants in Qatar offer foods that excite and suit everyone’s taste buds. Allow yourself and your family to go on a one-day gourmet tour of the world’s cuisine, including tacos and tandoor, Brazilian churrascaria, Korean fried chicken, and Japanese souffle. The cuisine of Qatar offers something for every taste and price range, from exquisite dim sum to rigatoni.

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