10 Must-see Places across the USA

Dubbed the land of milk and honey, we understand why the USA is such an interesting place. America is a melting pot of culture with some cool places to visit. You can quite literally experience everything under the sun, all in one country. You can head to Las Vegas or find some spots to visit in West Virginia; you are spoilt for choice. You find a range of cultures, religions, historic landmarks, and every single version of cereal under the sun. The possibilities are endless when it comes to America. Let’s take a peek at the ten must-see places in the USA. 

The Grand Canyon

If ever there was a natural sight you must see, then it’s the Grand Canyon. Situated in Arizona, the Grand Canyon was first discovered by Francisco Vázquez de Coronado and his Spanish army in 1540. Spanning a whopping 1901 miles, the Grand Canyon is made up of red rock that was formed millions of years ago. So, what can you do here? Grand does not begin to describe this wonder. This is a wonderful place for you to escape to mother nature and see fantastic wonders you won’t find anywhere else. There are also 11 interesting facts you need to know about The Grand Canyon.  


There is just something about America’s natural wonders that you simply must see. Yellowstone features gorgeous peaks and pristine lakes, making it an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true. But that’s not all. You can see a range of wildlife, including bears, and soak in hot springs too. Did you know that every year Yellowstone National Park receives four

million visitors? That’s incredible. While this number might seem a lot, the park is so massive that it’ll feel like you are the only ones there.  


Our list will not be complete without mentioning Hawaii at least once. Maui is a picture-perfect destination lined with pristine beaches, tranquil forests, and volcanos. Maui is the perfect beach escape for many, and we understand why. There are a lot of activities available, including zip lining, snorkeling, and golf too. And what’s more, you will definitely encounter hula dancers on your trip.   

New York City

What can we say about New York? It’s a cosmopolitan city filled with different nationalities and delicious food. It is also famous for giving us TV series such as 30 Rock and Friends. There is so much to do in this city; you will need multiple trips to see everything on your to-do list. If you are after an artful experience, you can head to the Museum of Modern Art or The Metropolitan Museum (cue Gossip Girl). You can also head to Broadway for the latest live show.  

San Francisco

A colorful place to visit, San Francisco is a technology enthusiast’s paradise since Silicon Valley is here. But that’s not all. You can head to Golden Gate Bridge for something truly spectacular and ride a tram. San Francisco is also for those free-spirited people who love tasty food, dazzling sounds, and interesting people. 

Washington D.C.

The nation’s capital features some of the best sites in the country. While this is pegged as a political town, you get to experience many things if you are a visitor. Such as the Smithsonian Museum, where you can catch a conversation about race on 1 December. At the museum, you get to see a range of different things, such as history, culture, science, and more. And if you have the time, book a visit to the White House.  

New Orleans

When we hear New Orleans, we think of the French Quarter. With fantastic nightlife, you can grab a few friends and have a great night out. And let’s not get started on the Mardi gras. You can also cruise the Mississippi river for some lovely fresh air and nature..  


What do nature, snow, and thermal clothing have in common? Aspen. And if you’ve ever seen the hilarious Dumb and Dumber movie from the 90s, you can understand why Aspen is STILL a choice for many. You should pack a set of skis because you are going to have a wild ride, in some cases, quite literally. 


What a luxurious and tropical part of America. Miami is known for its beautiful women, fantastic nightlife, and delicious food. But that’s not all. You will find museums featuring Miami’s rich history. You can try different cuisines featuring anything Cuban all the way to Cajun. Then you need to check out South Beach and lounge in the sun all day long.  



If you want authentic southern accents and hospitality, you must head to Savannah. Funny enough, Savannah is known for its art and ghost hunters. If you are after a supernatural experience, why not join a ghost-hunting tour? If that’s not your scene, then opt for some fabulous food tours.  

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