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Where to Eat, Drink and Stay in Downtown Brooklyn

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I’m a constant traveler, and I’m also a workout fiend. I travel at least once a month and I work out 6 days a week, and what normally happens is when I travel, it means I can’t work out, because the hotel doesn’t have a gym or the gym consists of a treadmill and dumbbells that go up to 10lbs. That’s why I was really excited to get to experience EVEN Hotels. It’s a wellness focused hotel that has a killer gym setup, with dumbbells up to 50lbs plus a ton of equipment so I can get just as good a workout on the road as I would at home.

I’ve created a full guide on how to make the most of your stay at EVEN Hotels Brooklyn, where I go over the can’t miss restaurants, as well as awesome things to do and see during your stay in Brooklyn.

This EVEN Hotels Review is a sponsored post through ShopShare Network, but all opinions are my own.

even hotels cork and kale

EVEN Hotels Allows You to Stay Well, Even On The Road

EVEN Hotel Brooklyn Review

The team at EVEN Hotels studied the latest trends and science behind staying well on the road, and put all of these learnings into an expertly designed happy place they call EVEN Hotel Brooklyn. Right when you walk in, you are presented with a delicious selection of infused waters. My personal favorite was the lemon and mint. The water itself begins the healing process, after a long slog through the airport.

The snack choices remind us of premium grocery stores.

It’s really tough to eat healthy on the road, but thanks to Cork & Kale Market and Bar, healthy snacks are available right in the lobby. We saw some of our favorites available for purchase as well as some new snacking options we’re eager to try.

Your Coffee Is Covered at EVEN Hotels

I NEED my coffee every morning, and that’s why I was really excited to wake up to this killer selection in the lobby area. Even better, in our room we had our own selection of coffee and tea, so we didn’t have to leave the room if we didn’t want to leave.

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Medicine Ball At Your Service

This fitness focused hotel is one of the most modern spots in Brooklyn. From infused waters in the lobby to workouts everywhere you turn, you’ll leave The Even feeling relaxed and more balanced than ever.

Best of all, the modern and clean atmosphere will make you feel great, whether you just hopped off of a red eye or you’re using it as a weekend staycation to relax a bit.

Yoga Mat In Every Room

The in-room TV even has ten minute workouts that will help you cleanse your body and prepare for whatever the day has in store for you. There’s plenty of space in your hotel room to do a bit of yoga, so there’s no need to go down to the first floor gym (though you will want to check it out – it’s amazing!).

A Truly Awesome Gym

Best Restaurants in Brooklyn Near EVEN Hotel

Sweet Chick

A relatively new addition to N. 8th and Bedford Avenue in central Williamsburg, Sweet Chick is a brunch spot that you definitely can’t miss out on. There are plenty of southern foods to choose from, but Sweet Chick does things differently. Their chicken & waffles combo is their main staple, but there’s plenty of other southern cuisine to try while you’re there that’ll be sure to keep your mouth watering.

They have a great selection of tap beers and a bunch of fun, signature cocktails, so I recommend heading out there and staying a while for drinks and great conversation after you’re done eating. The kitchen is open until 2AM as well, so you’ll have plenty of time after a night out in Brooklyn to swing by for some late-night eats.

Dishes you must try:

  • Mac and cheese: It’s loaded with fontina, gruyere, and white cheddar cheeses and is served and baked with a ritz cracker crust. Enough said.
  • Kale B.L.T: Why waste calories on unnecessary bread? This is a kale salad loaded with huge, thick cuts of bacon on top, plus if you’re on a health kick, just skip the bacon and you’ve got a superfood salad 🙂
  • Sloppy duck sliders: You get 3 sloppy joe slide sandwiches, all topped with a pickle and made with a whole lot of love.

Don Chingon

Right on Flatbush Avenue, at 216 Flatbush Avenue near Bergen, Don Chingon is the place to go if you’re looking for some truly awesome Mexican cuisine. They serve everything from tortilla soup to burritos and tacos, and have an impression selection of tequilas for the true connoisseur. Although Brooklyn has no shortage of Mexican restaurants to choose from (it became sort of a craze around here some time around 2014 or 2015), it is set a ways apart from any competition.

It’s relatively close to the Barclay’s Center, which makes it the perfect spot to come by and eat after catching a concert or a game.

Dishes you must try:

  • Elotes: They’re grilled perfectly and placed back on the husk for presentation. These are portioned extremely small though, so make sure you order a couple.
  • Fish tacos: The fish is fried tempura style and topped with pickled onions, pineapple, and a delicious salsa.
  • Guacamole: Creamy and delicious. This guacamole is topped with pomegranate seeds, which makes it truly unique.

Best Bars in Brooklyn Near EVEN Hotel

Weather Up

If you’re looking for a relaxed joint that specializes solely in good cocktails with a slight speakeasy joint, look no further than Weather Up. A cozy bar with bartenders who know what they’re doing makes this place an absolute delight to visit, regardless of what you order.

They have a nice back patio area when weather permits, which makes drinking your cocktails and unwinding after a long day even better. I will say that the drinks are not cheap (most are around $13 a pop), but they are utterly delicious, which makes it well worth it.

Drinks you must try:

  • Sky Pilot: Applejack, Jamaican Rum, Fresh Lime Juice, Housemade Pomegranate & Grenadine.
  • Black Manhattan: Rye, Amaro Averna Angostura & Orange Bitters.
  • Bartender’s Choice: The bartenders here are true artists of their craft. Trust them to concoct something you’ll absolutely love.

The Armory

Trendy, trendy, trendy. While the other bars on this list are a nice spot for an intimate night out, The Armory is where you go if you’re looking to see all of the hip spots that Brooklyn has to offer.

They have an awesome happy hour, where some of their cocktails are just $6. Perhaps the best thing about this bar is that it hasn’t been ‘discovered’ just yet, so you’ll be able to go and enjoy what they have to offer without fighting for a seat or the bartender’s attention.

Drinks you must try:

  • Park Slope Swizzle: Gobernador Pisco, Falernum Liquor, Pineapple, Angostura Bitters.
  • Monterey Daze: Pueblo Viejo Tequila, Pomegranate Molasses, Jalapeño Juice.
  • Cranberry Jam: Buffalo Trace bourbon, Cranberry Jam, Fresh Orange, Bitters.

Sweet Polly

This cocktail menu, to describe it in one word, is pretty wild. This intimate cocktail lounge is a perfect first-date location, with dim lighting and a romantic atmosphere that is unparalleled in Brooklyn.

The drink names may cause a giggle, but it only adds to the whole experience. This place can get pretty crowded at night, though that’s to be expected around here – a nicely crafted cocktail is what Brooklyn does best.

Drinks you must try:

  • #INSTAGRAMODEL: Gin, St. Germain, Cucumber, Celery, Lemon.
  • Bad Hombre: Tequilo, Bison Grass Vodka, Lime, Creme de Cassis, Yogurt, Jasmine Agave.
  • Golden Eye: Reyka Vodka, Cynar, Averna, Oloroso Sherry, Dry Vermouth, Chocolate Bitters, Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee.

Best Coffee & Desserts Near EVEN Hotel Brooklyn

Dot & Line

Amazing coffee, amazing pastries, and amazing staff. Dot & Line really does seem to have it all. Their hot coffee is out of this world and the cold brew is pretty great, too! They also offer all sorts of ‘fancy’ coffee drinks, from mochas to lattes. If coffee isn’t your thing, I recommend their impressive tea selection.

They also serve their drinks with some beautiful latte art, so make sure you grab a picture for Instagram before you take your first sip.

@ThreadTherapy Recommends No Trip to New York Complete Without Getting a Bagel from Ess-a-Bagel

Butter & Scotch

Butter & Scotch is all about the desserts… and, boy, do they do them well. Hits like pecan pie a la mode and mouth watering chocolate cake are going to convert you into a Butter & Scotch dessert purist for sure.

They do serve savory foods as well, and they’re pretty darn good at it. But nothing can prepare you for their desserts, which are some of the best I’ve ever tasted in my entire life.

Things To Do Near EVEN Hotel Brooklyn

Prospect Park

If you’ve never been to Prospect Park before, you may not be able to truly understand just how special it is until you see it. Unlike many parks in New York City, Prospect Park is designed to make you forget that you’re in a city at all. You can walk among the expansive green grass, take in the sights and the nature, and unwind a little bit from the city that never sleeps.

Places like Prospect are so very rare in New York City. It is a true hidden gem – one that everyone needs to come and experience. They also hold some pretty amazing events here, so you may want to check a calendar and see what shows are coming up when you do decide to visit.

Brooklyn Bridge

I know what you’re probably thinking: Why the heck would we visit a bridge? Well, the Brooklyn Bridge is unlike many others in that it’s an absolutely stunning park/walkway to take in and enjoy when you need some down time. It’s a beautiful place for people to enjoy a nightly walk or bike ride, a casual BBQ, or even a little hangout session with friends.

The views are incredible and I highly recommend visiting at least once. Just make sure you don a pair of walking shoes or else you’ll probably have a few regrets.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

What sets Alamo apart from other theaters is its unique dine-in atmosphere. People come around and take your order, where you can eat anything from nachos to cheeseburgers and pizza. Although they do still offer popcorn (of course, it’s a movie staple), their milkshakes and food are significantly more interesting.

One of the best things about Alamo is their strict no phones policy. Customers receive a warning if they are caught using their cell phones after the previews. If it happens a second time, they’re out without a refund. They also close the doors once the movie starts and stragglers will not be allowed in, so make sure you get in on time.

This EVEN Hotel Brooklyn Review is a sponsored post through ShopShare Network, but all opinions are my own.

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