This is our third trip to Europe, and these are the places we can’t wait to visit


We are heading to Europe August 2017, and have an awesome trip we wanted to share with you. Here’s where we’re heading and where we’re staying.

We’ll be sure to update you on the best excursions, restaurants and experiences you can find in each of these amazing spots.

Here’s our itinerary:

  • Venice, 1 night
  • Santorini, 3 nights
  • Sorrento, 4 nights
  • Lisbon, 4 nights

Palazzina G, Venice


We chose this hotel because its simply stunning design. Its of course perched right along the river, and has amazing views of the passing boats.

Mystique, Santorini


We chose Mystique because of their amazing restaurant, and the fabulous private pools you get in their upgraded suites. They’re also a part of the SPG program, meaning you can stay in Santorini at a 5-star resort using only points, how nice is that?

Maison La Minervetta, Sorrento


Each room has a different seaside vibe, and this hotel is extremely affordable for as well tailored it is. They don’t have a restaurant and its more on the boutique side, which to me are all pluses. Can’t wait to get some good shots here.

Bellevue Syrene, Sorrento


Old school luxury and glam in abundance at Bellevue Syrene, and I can’t wait to experience 5-star service and luxury right on the coast of the Mediterranean.

Areaias Do Seixo, Lisbon


This hotel is actually about 1 hour from Lisbon, in a small beachside town, and the name translates to Pebble beaches (I definitely thought it translated to sex area, but hey, my Portugese needs some work).

Its a tiny boutique hotel, with a focus on local and sustainable. They have a rooftop garden which finds its way into everything they prepare.

Memmo Principe Real, Lisbon


Lisbon is the hottest city in the world, or so it seems in my circle. Everyone is either planning to go or has recently been. Here’s what to like:

  • Just 6 hours from New York
  • Fresh, delicious seafood
  • Modern, and ancient mixed together
  • A great, thriving drinking culture
  • Extremely affordable hotels, food and drinks

This hotel is in the Real neighborhood, which is supposed to be Lisbon’s answer to Williamsburg, so that means plenty of cafes, shopping, bars and general goodness.

Can’t wait!

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