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Tips For Keeping Your Designer Outfits Safe When Traveling

Travel or beauty bloggers who are constantly on the road usually travel with a lot of expensive items on them. Ranging from designer outfits, expensive beauty electronics and filming gear, they need it all to keep working while on the road. They usually travel with two or three bags and backpacks on them. In the event of their bags get stolen, they would most likely suffer some severe damages. We are talking in terms of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in potential loss. Enough to cripple them temporarily. Proper safety measures are therefore mandatory for them when traveling accompanied by their expensive gear.

If you happen to be a beauty or style blogger, and you have to pack your most expensive designer clothes every time you are getting ready to travel, here are a few excellent safety tips to put into practice.

Keep Your Items Safe On The TrainSecure your belongings while travelling

  • Do not enable opportunist thieves to snatch your bag of expensive shoes while you are snoozing on a train, going to Milan from Rome on a next photoshoot. Never let your guard down; keep all of your valuables in a smaller backpack and keep it on you at all times. Never leave it out of sight.

  • Avoid leaving your valuable clothes or jewelry in a bag that will get stored together with the bags of other people.

  • Use lock zippers for an extra boost of protection. You can also rely on mini padlocks, including electronic padlocks that can be controlled with the help of your smartphone via Bluetooth.

  • You can even share temporary or permanent access using a keypad code or the Bluetooth technology to with your coworkers, and receive any tamper attempt alerts.

Safety Ideas For Car Travelers

Check all the locks on the doors and trunk ad make sure they are working fine. Have a locksmith like the guys at 247carlocksmiths.com cut at least a duplicate key to your car key or key fob – who knows when you might need to use it keys get easily lost when traveling. Use the trunk for temporary storage needs, instead of the back seats. Never leave your designer clothes in a car overnight.

Always have them packed in sturdy bags inside your hotel room. Lock the room even when you are inside it, and see if you can use a special cage you can lock and secure in on something sturdy. Of course you can always use a room safe, but they might not be the safest options, as they are not large enough to host your designer clothes, and someone could also easily walk in and out with it.

It is also useful to pack doorstoppers or portable door locks for your hotel room. You can fit these locks in addition to the already existing locks on your door, provided the door opens inward. They will ensure you that no one will be granted access to your room even if they are part of the hotel staff and they have a key to your room.


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