The Steps to Become a Real Estate Agent Making $3M ARR (ChatGPT Cheat Codes)

The fastest way to become a billionaire is to sell to Billionaires. They have $30B they can afford to pay you $1B for everything you’ll do for them forever.

According to ChatGPT this is how Real Estate Agents who make $3M ARR in New York do it in their first year.

Here’s a guide on how to generate your own real estate leads using cheat codes from ChatGPT that was used to create this article.

Leads Required to Sell 1 Apartment Per Year in Billionaire Buildings

To achieve the average commission estimates for each building, a first-year real estate agent can use the following table to determine the number of leads or other key performance indicators (KPIs) required to secure the desired commission. The investment required per building is also provided to give a sense of the financial commitment involved.

Condo Building Average Commission Estimate (One Year) Leads Needed (Approximate) Investment Required (Approximate)
One57 $3,000,000 2 $10,000
432 Park Avenue $2,500,000 2 $10,000
15 Central Park West $2,200,000 3 $15,000
220 Central Park South $2,000,000 3 $15,000
56 Leonard Street $1,800,000 4 $20,000
157 West 57th Street $1,600,000 4 $20,000
520 Park Avenue $1,500,000 5 $25,000
The Woolworth Tower Residences $1,200,000 6 $30,000
53 West 53rd Street $1,000,000 7 $35,000
30 Park Place $800,000 9 $45,000

If You Sell One Apartment Per Year, Commission in Billionaire Buildings

Based on the sales of historic listings in these buildings, here is an estimate of the average commission you can make if you sell 1 condo every 6 months in these buildings over the course of one year (rounded up):

Condo Building Average Commission Estimate (One Year)
One57 $3,000,000
432 Park Avenue $2,500,000
15 Central Park West $2,200,000
220 Central Park South $2,000,000
56 Leonard Street $1,800,000
157 West 57th Street $1,600,000
520 Park Avenue $1,500,000
The Woolworth Tower Residences $1,200,000
53 West 53rd Street $1,000,000
30 Park Place $800,000

Top Buildings Where Billionaires Buy in New York

Below is a list of prestigious condo buildings in Manhattan that are popular among high-net-worth individuals. Here’s a markup table outlining some of these buildings:

Condo Building Neighborhood Notable Resident Other Information
One57 Midtown N/A Iconic skyscraper with luxurious amenities
432 Park Avenue Midtown N/A Tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere
15 Central Park West Upper West Side N/A Exclusive address overlooking Central Park
220 Central Park South Midtown N/A Ultra-luxury residences with park views
56 Leonard Street Tribeca N/A Unique architecture and high-end amenities
157 West 57th Street Midtown N/A Luxury residences near Central Park
520 Park Avenue Upper East Side N/A Elegant building with opulent features
The Woolworth Tower Residences Financial District N/A Historic building with high-end condos
53 West 53rd Street Midtown N/A Designed by renowned architect Jean Nouvel
30 Park Place Tribeca N/A Four Seasons-branded residences and hotel

To create a marketing strategy and roadmap for your first year in real estate, along with a projection of potential earnings at each month of your progress, you can use the following guide:

Month 1:

  • Conduct market research on the selected condo buildings and their neighborhoods.
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan, including online and offline strategies.
  • Create a professional website and optimize it for search engines.
  • Invest in professional photography and virtual tours of the condos.
  • Join local networking groups and attend industry events.
  • Start building your social media presence and engage with potential clients.

Month 2-3:

  • Implement online advertising campaigns targeting potential buyers interested in luxury properties.
  • Build relationships with local brokers and real estate professionals.
  • Attend open houses and showcase the condos to potential clients.
  • Develop a database of leads and potential buyers.
  • Regularly update your website and social media channels with new listings and market updates.

Month 4-6:

  • Focus on lead generation and nurturing relationships with potential buyers.
  • Use email marketing campaigns to stay in touch with your database.
  • Collaborate with local businesses to cross-promote your listings.
  • Attend industry conferences and participate in panel discussions or speaking engagements.
  • Consider hiring a professional public relations firm to increase visibility.

Month 7-9:

  • Fine-tune your marketing strategies based on the feedback and results from previous months.
  • Optimize your online presence for lead capture and conversion.
  • Strengthen your negotiating skills and develop persuasive selling techniques.
  • Build partnerships with relocation services and international real estate agencies.
  • Offer personalized virtual tours and consultations to out-of-town buyers.

Month 10-12:

  • Focus on closing deals and maximizing conversions from leads.
  • Implement referral programs to encourage satisfied clients to refer you to others.
  • Continuously track and analyze your marketing efforts to identify areas of improvement.
  • Attend local community events and sponsor relevant charitable causes to enhance your reputation.
  • Maintain regular communication with existing clients for future business opportunities.

Based on this roadmap, you can estimate your potential earnings at each month by considering the average commission estimate for selling one condo every 6 months in the specified buildings.

Month Potential Earnings
1 $0
2-3 $1,000,000
4-6 $1,000,000
7-9 $2,000,000
10-12 $3,000,000

Keep in mind that these earnings projections are based on selling one condo every 6 months in the selected buildings and can vary depending on market conditions, client preferences, and other factors.

Requirements to become a Real Estate Agent in New York

Here are the requirements to become a real estate agent in New York, presented in a markup table format:

Requirements Description
Age Be at least 18 years old
Education Complete 75 hours of approved real estate education
Exam Pass the New York State Real Estate Salesperson Exam
Application Submit a completed real estate salesperson application to the Department of State
Sponsorship Obtain sponsorship from a licensed New York real estate broker
Background Check Undergo a background check conducted by the Department of State
Fingerprints Submit fingerprints for a criminal history record check
License Fee Pay the required license fee
Continuing Education Complete 22.5 hours of approved continuing education every two years
Continuing Education Requirements for Brokers Complete an additional 45 hours of broker-specific continuing education every two years
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