The Journeymen Collective: Guiding Leaders on a Psychedelic Path to Enlightenment

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the urgency for innovative ways of thinking and leading has never been more pressing. 

For CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs – individuals who are often at the forefront of change – new approaches to personal and professional growth are vital. 

Enter The Journeymen Collective, a global community of visionaries providing a unique and transformative path to growth and self-discovery.

Embarking on the Journeymen Path

The Journeymen Collective is not just a community; it’s a bridge to self-realization and heightened consciousness. 

Harnessing the power of plant-based psychedelic medicines, the Collective guides individuals on personalized journeys designed to connect them with their innate wisdom. But why psychedelic journeys? 

Psychedelics, used judiciously and responsibly, have the ability to break down mental barriers and provide profound insights. By tapping into this untapped potential, the Journeymen Collective aims to address challenges faced by today’s leaders in novel and effective ways. Their journeys are not about escapism but about facing reality with newfound clarity and awareness.

A Safe Haven for Self-Discovery

For leaders accustomed to the pressures of high-stakes decision-making, the idea of a psychedelic journey might seem intimidating. The Journeymen Collective is aware of this, and that’s why they place an enormous emphasis on creating a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment.

Two highly trained and empathic advisors will walk with you to help you realize the true power and potential of understanding the inner-self. Even though you will be on a solo journey, these advisors will help you access the multidimensional reality allowing you to progress by leaps and bounds in life and business. 

The Solo Journey Program

While you will remain within the limits of your inner self, you will gradually gain the awareness of the entire universe. The Solo Journey program is specifically curated for every participant, which means they have to provide complete information about themselves, their desires, aspirations, and aims. 

The participants will be a part of this program for 6 weeks to 18 months and receive online plus in-person support. Within this, plant medicine ceremonies will take place for a period of between 3 to 16 days. 

Their retreats are carefully curated to foster an atmosphere of trust and open-mindedness, set amidst the serenity of nature. These retreats act as catalysts, providing opportunities for self-exploration, camaraderie, and connection with the natural world, all while under the guidance of experienced facilitators. 

Power Partner Program with Journeymen Collective

Imagine embarking on a transformational journey, not in isolation, but in the shared energy and synergy of partnership. Envision aligning your personal and professional development with the growth of someone close to your heart—a colleague, co-founder, partner, or spouse. This profound experience is exactly what the Power Partner Program with Journeymen Collective offers. 

For entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals desiring to delve into the universal intelligence within themselves alongside someone significant, this program is a beacon of opportunity. 

By weaving together professional development with sacred psychedelic plant medicine journeys, the program guides pairs on a deeply immersive journey of shared growth and discovery.

Curated for You and Your Partner, each Power Partner Journey is uniquely tailored to your and your partner’s personal and spiritual development stages. This highly customized approach ensures that the focus remains solely on the evolving dynamic between the two of you. 

Regardless of whether you have a chosen partner or are a solo participant, the Journeymen Collective will ensure that your journey is meaningful and transformative.

The Power Partner offerings vary in duration, ranging from 6 weeks to 18 months, providing both online and in-person intensive support. You can expect comprehensive online preparation and integration via Zoom video conference calls, guided meditations, energetic activations, and access to the Journeymen Collective Portal for video training and education. 

The bespoke in-person journeys span from 3 to 16 full days and encompass masterfully guided plant medicine ceremonies, and critical days of integration to fully ground your experiences.

The Journeymen Collective believes that everyone should experience at least one shamanic journey in their lifetime. The Power Partner Program invites you to step into the mystery of the mystical and expand your consciousness, grounding greater light into the collective consciousness. 

Embark on this revolutionary journey to transform your partnership, harness the power of shared growth, and awaken to a deeper connection and awareness of self. It’s more than a journey—it’s an evolution in partnership. Welcome to the Power Partner Program with Journeymen Collective.

The Bespoke Program

Embark on a transformative path of self-discovery and shared growth with the Bespoke Program by the Journeymen Collective. Tailored for entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals, this program guides groups or executive teams of three to four through an immersive shamanic journey. 

Over the course of 6 weeks to 18 months, experience online and in-person intensive support, guided meditations, and access to a trove of video training and education. The intensive process uniquely curates for each group member’s personal development and the group as a collective. 

Unearth the potential within each member, discover new levels of innovation, and harness the soul’s innate connection to the universe. The Bespoke Program is your gateway to deeper awareness and connection for both personal and professional success. The time to activate your higher state is now.

Coaching: A Guiding Light

Recognizing that the journey to consciousness expansion is deeply personal and often challenging, the Journeymen Collective offers comprehensive coaching services. The coaches serve as guiding lights, helping individuals navigate the murky waters of self-discovery, and assist them in transforming their psychedelic experiences into actionable steps towards their goals.

This personalized guidance is particularly valuable for business leaders, as it bridges the gap between personal transformation and professional development, paving the way for a more fulfilling life and a positive impact on their organizations.

The Impact: Personal and Beyond

Participants of the Journeymen Collective’s programs often report significant breakthroughs. These breakthroughs range from healing traumas and overcoming addictions to achieving seemingly insurmountable goals. On a professional level, this newfound awareness and understanding can lead to improved leadership skills, better decision-making, and enhanced creativity.

The ripples of personal transformation extend far beyond the individual, influencing their businesses, teams, and communities. By helping leaders grow and evolve, the Journeymen Collective plays a crucial role in fostering innovative and conscious leadership, capable of creating a better future for everyone.


The Journeymen Collective is more than a community; it is a transformative movement committed to leading change through consciousness expansion. In a world where the old ways of doing things no longer suffice, the Journeymen Collective presents a refreshing, enlightening path for those looking to grow personally and professionally. 

If you’re a leader seeking to make a meaningful impact, the Journeymen Collective offers the resources, guidance, and experiences to make your journey a transformative one. Step onto the path of enlightened leadership with the Journeymen Collective.

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