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The Journey of a Leather Jacket From A Simple Fabric to A Stunning Apparel

Ever wondered what goes behind the creation of a high-quality, stylish men’s leather jacket that let you flaunt your gorgeous personality? Well, there is a long journey that your leather jacket covers before you wear it. From sourcing the right fabric to designing and production, there’s a long story of leather jacket creation. 


Here we will explore the story and process of your leather jacket from fabric to beautiful apparel. 


Sourcing The Right Material


Most of the time, the ‘so-called’ leather jackets are a mixture of rexine and other fabrics. They look like leather jackets, but the upper layer starts to peel off in one or two wears. That’s why it is important to choose the right fabric. Reputed industry labels like Pala Leather source authentic leather fabric made of animal skin. That ensures that it will serve the purpose of the wearer. It provides the warmth and comfort required. They partner with well-established contractors to source authentic, 100% original leather fabric. 




The next step is the inspection of the fabric. Checking the fabric for the holes, pores, scratches and other deformities. Skilled craftsmen thoroughly examine the fabric and the pore size, as a leather jacket has three pieces of skin. Same pores bring consistency and ensure the fabric remains the same from top to bottom.




Now, the time is for designing. This is an essential step and must be performed with caution as it serves the structure of the end product. Fashion designers create unique and creative illustrations and choose the design that matches the trends and can be executed without compromising with other factors. 


Cutting the Fabric


Now the inspection and design process is complete, the fabric goes to the cutting stage. Here the sewing masters cut the leather fabric as per the design and custom measurements. They use a paper pattern and place it over the fabric to avoid any discrepancies in the cutting. Usually, extra cms are taken to make adjustments later in the sewing process. 


Getting It All Together


All the cut-out pieces are then sewed together. Companies have skilled craftsmen and advanced sewing tools all assembled in a state-of-the-art facility where the leather jacket is produced. This is the stage where the design meets reality. All the pieces, the arms, the collar, neck are joined together to form a complete leather jacket. This is where you can actually see the leather jacket in the shape as it should be. 


Detailing, Accessories and Labeling


Now the jacket is ready; the next step is to detail it. It can vary as per the design. There are motorbike clubs that want their logo on the jacket, or there could be brands that want their latest addition to have something new. At this stage, the buttons are added. The metal zip, detailing on the cuffs and other accessories are added as per the design specifications. Attention should be given at this stage as these are the items that decide that the jacket comes from a leading industry label. 


Water Washing, Polishing and Ironing


Now, the jacket is ready. The next step is to wash the jacket in a special formula that keeps the originality of the fabric. Then, a special polish is applied that gives a shiny appearance to the jacket. Tanning is another process that adds shades to the fabric’s color. Ironing is the next step to make it ready to ship to the retail stores and warehouses. 


So, your leather jacket undergoes several processes before it becomes a ‘Perfect fit’ and favorite apparel of your wardrobe. So, owning a leather jacket is totally worth it. 


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