The First Ever Apple Cider Flavored Vodka, by Georgi



Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner, and we’re here to help you change your drinks from American flag wrapped beer cans, to something that will put you into super patriotic mode a hell of a lot sooner, Apple Cider Flavored Vodka.

There are few things more American than apple pie, but since it’s hard to fit a pie into a bottle, we decided apple pie martinis may be a little more fitting.  Check out the cocktail recipes below, and enjoy some classic American taste at your Memorial Day cookout.

Apple-Cider-Vodka-Cocktail-Recipes-1 Apple-Cider-Vodka-Cocktail-Recipes Apple-Cider-Cocktail-Recipes

Check out more awesome cocktail recipes featuring Georgi Apple Cider Flavored Vodka.

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