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The AuBit Freeway Token: Your key to Bitcoin, Eth Crypto staking at 43%


AuBit is an asset management firm that returns 80 per cent of total returns to investors. AuBit integrates blockchain technology with traditional finance to ensure that investors profit handsomely from their investment. By raising the total earnings accrued by individuals and institutional investors, AuBit aims to democratize the asset management business. AuBit, which was founded in 2017, may provide services to inhabitants of over 180 countries through its relationship with AuBit Prime. By making high profits available to everyone, the asset brokerage firm transforms investment. This allows low-capital investors to invest as little as $1 and develop wealth without taking on additional risk or paying unnecessary fees that stifle investment.

Everyone from Larry David to Matt Damon wants you to get a crypto wallet, the thing is, that’s where most people stop. Buy a coin and stick it under your pillow hoping the tooth fairy is gonna turn it into Bitcoin. Not gonna happen. The thing is, since crypto moves so fast, you either need to get Alpha or invest in Alpha. If you are too busy to pick winners, instead pick a partner to invest your crypto for you.

This is where  Freeway  comes in. They are an investment management startup that offers up to 43% APY on your ETH or BTC etc. This is all DYOR (do your own research) type of stuff, but if your wanna skip the waitlist and take them foe a test drive use my exclusive referral link: https://app.freewaylite.us/ref/fw15ba3a3e

What is Freeway (formerly AuBit)?

AuBit is a next-generation virtual asset management platform with some of the industry’s greatest annual percentage yield (APY) awards. The AuBit Freeway platform, which has a strong ethos of leading the expanding social finance industry, provides exclusive platform benefits to holders of the native Freeway Token (or FWT token). This may entail increasing rewards or lowering platform fees. Actually, it is a privately held firm that is revolutionizing the social finance industry by providing a cutting-edge digital asset management platform. AuBit Freeway is a native platform for top worldwide investment goods such as stocks, gold, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, AuBit raises the volume of assets people invests in overtime by redistributing revenue.


What is the FWT (Freeway Token)?

AuBit’s native Freeway token, also known as the FWT coin, is a utility token that can be used across the Aubit Freeway platform. With just under four billion FWT coins in circulation, it has a limited maximum supply of ten million tokens and a little under 50% circulating supply.

Freeway Token is traded on some of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. Both Uniswap, Ethereum’s most popular DEX, and Pancake swap, the most popular DEX on Binance Smart Chain, help FWP Token pairs and liquidity pools.

How is this management firm able to offer 43% APY?

The annual percentage yield (APY) is the rate of return that will be obtained over the course of a year AuBit Freeway is a decentralized application (dApp) that enables the crypto industry’s highest annual percentage yield (APY) payouts. AuBit also reinvests 80 per cent of its income back into its customers as a burgeoning social finance sector leader. Profits are reinvested in the holder’s current asset holdings, resulting in a gradual increase in the number of assets a user holds.


Furthermore, adding the Freeway Token (or FWT Coin as it is sometimes referred to) to the AuBit Freeway staking facilities allows users to take advantage of the AuBitised Supercharger products, which offer up to a 43 per cent compounded annual percentage yield on traditional, fiat, and cryptocurrency assets.

Compound interest is applied to the total amount invested on a regular basis, increasing the balance. As a result of the greater debt, each interest payment will be larger. The greater the rate, the more frequently interest is compounded.

How much can I make by investing with Freeway Superchargers?

The AuBit Freeway platform provides some of the most attractive annual percentage yield (APY) incentives for traditional and crypto-assets. We’ll go over how this is feasible in more detail later, but let’s look at the many goods offered on the AuBit Freeway platform.


  • Bitcoin Supercharger 33% fixed APY
  • Ethereum Supercharger 20% fixed APY
  • Binance coin Supercharger 20% fixed APY
  • AuBitised USD Supercharger 43% fixed APY
  • AuBitised Eurosmith Supercharger 43% fixed APY
  • Gold Supercharger 20% fixed APY
  • ADA Supercharger 20% fixed APY
  • DOT Supercharger 20% fixed APY

The APY rewards listed above are consistent with AuBit’s social finance purpose. By sharing platform revenue with users, the idea delivers exceptionally competitive returns.

How Do Social Finance Work and Aubit Superchargers?

Under the hood of the protocol, AuBit claims to have “little-known but highly-powerful revenue and cash-flow producing sources.” Along with collaborating with world-leading trading firms, the AuBit Virtual Hedge Fund “licenses cutting edge quant trading tech.” As a result, AuBit’s licensed techniques have a five-year track record of generating 40-50 per cent yearly returns. The bulk of AuBit’s revenue is returned to platform members in accordance with the company’s social finance goal. This is made possible by the platform’s ‘AuBitisation,’ a blockchain automation approach for redistributing earnings. Furthermore, platform users can supercharge income by using the Freeway Token (FWT), which offers larger rewards.

On the AuBit Network, 80% of transaction fees go toward revenue rewards. The remaining 20% is allocated to platform operations. The 80 per cent that goes to users is automatically reinvested in assets or shares by AuBit (e.g., gold or Bitcoin). These shares or assets are subsequently distributed to user accounts that correspond to the assets. This is how the value of a property grows. Plus, with the asset’s value (hopefully) rising, this could be a terrific method to earn passive income with cryptocurrency.

Why would I want to use Freeway when I can invest myself?

We should use AuBit because otherwise, financial products and services were only available through centralised institutions before the development of decentralized finance (DeFi). The fundamental purpose of centralized entities is typically to extract as much profit as possible from customers. As a result, the majority of financial goods were only available to the wealthy. Furthermore, they frequently entail charging exorbitant fees, with the majority of earnings going to CEOs and corporate directors.

AuBit, on the other hand, is coming to change that. AuBit understands these unequal financial prospects and has produced a financial solution that is accessible to anyone. AuBit’s fundamental objective is to make technology affordable and accessible to everyone. Its services start at $1. Anyone can use these competitive financial investing services, regardless of their geographic location, social standing, or career earnings. AuBit is revolutionizing social finance by bridging the gap between the old and new financial industries. Traditional financial goods such as stocks and gold are available on the site. AuBit Freeway, on the other hand, offers larger rates than conventional services while posing no additional risk.

Additionally, the AuBit Freeway application allows users to manage their digital asset portfolio in one location. Users can also earn incentives by referring friends. Holders of the native Freeway Token (FWT) can also make use of specific platform perks. Discounts and additional benefits are included.

How can I get more protection? Meet AuBit Prime

With the confidence of an institutional brokerage, AuBit Prime is ready to redefine investment services provision. When AuBit joins up with a financial institution that has direct market access, a tight EU regulatory environment, and a strong client base, the company’s ground-breaking business model becomes a reality. Investors will be able to join AuBit Prime’s new mutualized and democratized model for better total rewards on stocks, bonds, commodities, crypto, and a variety of other products and services not before available.

With AuBit Prime, there are no deposit or custody fees. There are no acquisitions or sales; assets are simply transferred through it.

Users acquire AuBitised Product Tokens at the Freeway Lite Superchargers. Therefore there is a purchase. We can also acquire their AuBitised Product Tokens back at their new value if they choose to sell them. Consider how a bank decides who it lends money; in this example, the brokerage could lend money to depositors but chooses not to because these are deposit goods.

How can I sign up for Freeway and skip the waitlist?

If you want to Sign up for Freeway, you can make an account by putting some basic information, and you just have to follow these simple steps given below:

  • Go to their website.
  • Click on the Sign-up.
  • Put your Personal data.
  • Put a strong password.

Your account will be created with this little effort. Skip the waitlist if your friends have given you referrals. You might be asking how you might profit even if you aren’t a Whale. First and foremost, if you have wealthy friends but lack funds, you can enlist in their Refer a Friend programme and earn a bonus based on the Supercharger Staking Reward.


AuBit Freeway is a decentralized programme that allows users to earn the best annual percentage yield (APY) in the bitcoin sector. AuBit also reinvests 80 per cent of its profit back into its customers as a burgeoning social finance industry leader. Profits are reinvested in the holder’s assets, resulting in a gradual increase in the number of assets a user owns.

AuBit maintains a continual growth cycle by reinvesting the majority of its revenue back into its consumers. This means that the more people who use the site, the more benefits they get, which attracts more people, and so on. AuBit is a project to keep an eye on because it offers some of the highest APY rewards in the cryptocurrency space.

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