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TabTrader Review: Description and Advantages

There are tons of crypto apps available for download. Some are just big crypto exchanges converted into mobile form. Others are independent brokers that offer their own trading terminal with unique features, tool, and their own sets of coins. And then there is TabTrader.

TabTrader is a unique mobile app that unifies several crypto exchanges into one. And it’s not like you get to switch between several completely different providers in one app. It’s a trading terminal that provides access to data from these exchanges, and you can connect to as many exchanges as you like.

How does TabTrader work?

TabTrader is a mobile crypto terminal. It works as a mobile app that you can download from Google Play and AppStore. What it gives you is an ability to monitor extensive charts for a large selection of cryptocoins and connect your accounts from over 20 big exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, BitMex, Coinbase, and others.

As such, this app isn’t exchanged in the usual sense. Trading terminals provide access to the exchanges they are based on. In this instance, you can switch between these exchanges in an instant and trade on them in parallel. All you need to do is connect the accounts you have in these exchanges.

Because of this, TabTrader is excellent for seasoned crypto investors with accounts on different exchanges. Creating an account itself is a task, but you don’t really need to do it unless you can use the different features, tools, and coins efficiently on these different exchanges.

Tools & Features

One of the main upsides of this terminal is its charting solutions. TabTrader receives up-to-date information from all those exchanges that you plan to trade on, while also offering an array of advanced, accurate charting instruments, technical analysis tools, and other graphic solutions that help you understand the current market situation.

Moreover, there is a very handy portfolio-making solution that helps you compare all your coins in one page and make conclusions for yourself. In addition, you can keep watch over different coins that you want to buy, receive alerts about them and view news to always be aware of the recent developments in the crypto market.

Placing Orders

As mentioned, the app allows you to compile an extensive watchlist of different currency pairs with up-to-date information so that you could make a favorable trade in an instant. The watchlist is designed in the form of a catalog with clearly visible information and the general trend of a particular pair.

In fact, there are several categories you can swap between. There is a general watchlist, altcoin watchlist, Bitcoin watchlist, a watchlist related to your portfolio, and some other categories.

With this information, you can put an order for any currency pair at any time. The good thing about the trades on TabTrader is that you can construct a trade template with very extensive, useful details. It can be done on a separate page that has a very pleasant, comprehensive design. As such, the entire process can take just a few seconds.

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