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Secure Your Garage Before Going On Vacation

Planning a vacation is one of the most exciting things for most people. Unless, of course, they've had bad luck in the past, as their home or garage were broken into while they were away, and valuable items were stolen from them. Prior to packing your bags and calling a cab to take you to the airport, there are a few things to concern yourself with. We know you like lists, so we've come up with a brief one detailing all the things you should concern yourself with before heading out the door.

Don't Make Your Garage An Easy Target For Burglars

Did you know that because of the easy entry that most garages offer, they turn into the favorite beacons burglars love to try their luck with? Luckily, there are quick fixes that will significantly enhance the degree of safety on your garage. Some of the simplest and most affordable ones refer to:

  • disabling the electric opener on your garage door, to prevent someone from using a similar remote from opening it while you are away;

  • locking all windows and doors separating the garage from your house before leaving;

  • installing padlocks on the overhead door latches. Installing padlocks is one of the simplest procedures anyone can do without a problem. Of course, you can ask for advice from a specialist in case you want to invest in a more advanced padlock. There are electronic padlocks and heavy-duty ones that will ensure higher degrees of protection. You can either go online and find some products and compare them on your own, or talk to an expert locksmith who can recommend the best releases of the year.

  • it is also advisable to put a bolt through a hole in the door's track; this option will make it fairly impossible for potential burglars to gain access to the inside of your garage while you are away. Talk to a professional locksmithing service like 247autolocksmith.com and see if schedule an appointment with them; ask them to assess the current state of your garage door's locks and security devices and recommend the best solutions for enhanced Motion lights add garage securityprotection.

Install Motion Lights

  • Place motion lights on the exterior of your garage and make sure every time someone gets near it, they will no longer be protected by a shield of darkness at night. No burglar wants to feel exposed like that, so putting a burglar into the spotlight makes for an excellent deterrent.

  • You can also consider using a timer for the garage lights. This way, you will create the illusion of someone being permanently home while you are away on vacation.

Install Safety Grills On The Windows

If you garage has any windows on it, talk to a local locksmith and have them fit safety bars or grills on them. This will make them a lot more difficult to penetrate.

If you will choose to have the metal grills installed on the interior fo the windows, and add shades or window film, you will obtain even better results.

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