Hey Guys, This is The Absolute Best Rose Delivery Service for Valentine’s Day


Roseshire’s “Legacy”

Concord, CA (January 17, 2016) — Roseshire is excited to report the restricted arrival of their 10-dozen “Legacy” accumulation, which highlights 120 head quality, hand-manicured red roses – each enhanced with individual water tubes – inside a specially crafted Roseshire box.


Orders for Roseshire

Pre-orders are currently being accepted on Roseshire’s site for the Legacy 10-dozen roses, priced at $700. The 120 roses are shown inside a intricately designed gold and black box that is 4½-feet long and weighs 35 pounds, making the box itself something special entirely in its own right.

Don Hotton, CEO of Roseshire stated, “Valentine’s Day is a time to ‘go big’ with an expression of love. The 10- dozen collection is our way to honor and celebrate the rose on a dramatic scale. More than that, it offers our customers a way ‘to shout it from the rooftops,’ so to speak, in their declarations of love. ”


In conceptualizing the box, Roseshire’s item trend-setter, Nasim Pakmanesh, was inspired by extreme models of lords, rulers and praised administrations. He also added, “Our 10-dozen Legacy collection is designed to set the highest bar on a gift of flowers. From the regal design of the box to the lavish display of superior roses, the recipient will truly feel like royalty.”

If a $700 box of roses for your loved one is a little outside of your budget, don’t worry. Roseshire has something for you, too. You can choose between Roseshire’s mark “Kiss Kiss” accumulation or “Legendary” gathering, accessible in one dozen, two dozen or four dozen boxes, beginning at $95. Pre-order before the end of January and they will even throw in free shipping for Valentine’s Day.

Manufacturing of Roseshire


Roseshire manufactures their items locally and sends overnight, across the nation. Every item is handcrafted, and every rose is evaluated, manicured, and attached with individual water tubes to guarantee the unrivaled quality and well-being of the flower itself. The roses are always packed in Roseshire’s trademark box, extending in various hues from dark to “Rose Wood.”

California-based Roseshire opened in August of 2014, promising an extravagant brand of roses into the flower market. Established by third era flower vendor Don Hotton and item pioneer Nasim Pakmanesh, the objective was to respect the rose as a legitimate image of excellence and love while making it classier and more elegant.

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