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Top 50 Richest Pastors in the World

Before we begin, let’s do a little background research. What is a pastor? A pastor is an ordained leader of a Christian congregation who serves humanity by providing guidance to their community. Some of them, believe it or not, have become very rich through their churches and other investments.

These millionaire men of God are known all over the world, not only for their professional accomplishments but for the amount of money they have managed to earn through them. This list is based on Celebrity Net Worth and a Forbes evaluation.

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50) Bill Moyers – Net Worth: $1 Million


You may recognize his name from his PBS show NOW with Bill Moyers, but you may be as surprised as I was that he is a Baptist minister.

Here’s his background:

The first of numerous ministers turned legislators (and the other way around) on our rundown is Oklahoma local Bill Moyers. To begin with his profession in journalism with a temporary position with the United States Senate, the young University of Texas graduate got the attention of Senator Lyndon B. Johnson who secured future work for him as a TV manager.

While working in broadcasting, Moyers sought after his other passion – theology – and finished his Master of Divinity in 1959 at which time he turned into an appointed Baptist minister.

Keep reading to find out where your pastor may rank, the highest ranked pastor on this list is worth a whopping $500 million — any idea who it is?

I know it wasn’t who I expected.

49) Richard Rossi  – Net Worth : $1 Million


Once known as the rock and roll minister with an edge, Richard Rossi turned into a born-again Christian after a medication overdose propelled him to take his experience and his interest with confidence mending to the pulpit. Rossi began playing his music on The 700 Club while finishing his degree in scriptural learns at Liberty University. Amid his senior year, he wedded his school sweetheart, Sherrie Lynn Plaugher, and saw direct achievement when he opened his first church – The Fellowship – in 1984.

48) Paul Cain – Net Worth: $1 Million


On the off chance that everything is truly greater in Texas, then the Lone Star State’s own particular Paul Cain in all likelihood didn’t reconsider when he got to be distinctly one of most youthful clergymen of the Voice of Healing Revival in Europe amid the late 1940s. Just 18 years of age at the time and frequently lecturing before several thousands, Cain was fantastically prevalent and was well on his approach to getting to be distinctly a standout amongst the most noteworthy ministers on the planet until he did the unfathomable and vanished from general society eye in the late 1950s.

47) Jimmy Swaggart – Net Worth: $1.5 Million


It wouldn’t be a genuine minister lineup without Louisiana’s really popular Jimmy Swaggart. Shockingly low on our rundown in spite of being one of the greatest names in evangelism, Swaggart was appointed in the 1950s when he committed his life to religion and propelled his own particular broadcast on a little AM radio system. Getting a charge out of early achievement and the extension of the system, Swaggart needed to reach considerably bigger groups of onlookers and turned his regard for TV with week by week sermons and 60 minutes in length end of the week broadcast that disclosed on more than 200 systems.

46) Charles Stanley – Net Worth: $1.5 Million


A born-again Christian at 12 years old, Charles Stanley was just 14 years of age when he started his work as a priest in his Virginia people group. Moving on from the University of Richmond and the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Stanley moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he was designated the minister at the First Baptist Church. Once settled in Atlanta, Stanley began a TV program called The Chapel Hour in 1972, which was grabbed in 1978 and syndicated the nation over by the Christian Broadcasting Network.

45) R.C. Sproul – Net Worth: $2 Million


Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Robert Charles “R.C.” Sproul is the originator and administrator of Ligonier Ministries. Set up in 1970 with humble beginnings as a review community for school and theological school understudies, Sproul incorporated the service with a broadly perceived program that now has religious gatherings during the time with famous speakers from around the globe. He is likewise the driving force behind the globally communicated Sirius XM radio program Renewing Your Mind.

44) N.T. Wright – Net Worth: $2.5 Million


The first minister on our rundown from over the lake, Nicholas Thomas “N.T.” Wright is a standout amongst the most well known New Testament researchers in all of Great Britain. Appointed as a clergyman in 1975, Wright has composed and distributed over twelve books on religion including the well known arrangement Christian Origins and the Question of God and For Everyone. As a result of his work and extraordinary devotion to religious philosophy, Wright was sanctified in 2003 as the Bishop of Durham in the wake of putting in five years as the Dean of Lichfield.

43) Jack Van Impe – Net Worth: $2.5 Million


Claiming his nickname as the “Walking Bible,” Michigan local Jack Van Impe moved on from the Detroit Bible Institute in 1952 and started his vocation as an evangelist on the Billy Graham Crusades. Meeting and wedding Rexella Mae Shelton amid a young rally on visit, Impe and his new lady of the hour propelled the Jack Van Impe Ministries in 1954 highlighting Impe as the star and Rexella as the cohost of the TV arrangement, Jack Van Impe Presents.

 42) Clifton Davis – Net Worth: $3 Million


Also called a musician, artist and performing artist instead of a minister, Clifton Davis propelled his profession in the music business in the wake of composing well known hits like “Never Can Say Goodbye” and “Lookin’ Through the Windows” for The Jackson 5. Taking his gifts to the phase in the 1970s, Davis made his acting introduction as the star on the TV arrangement That’s My Mama and has put in the most recent 45 years in the spotlight with unique appearances on hit arrangement like Amen, Living Single and Grace Under Fire among many others.

41) Ernie Fletcher – Net Worth: $3 Million


A government official, evangelist and doctor, Kentucky local Ernie Fletcher wears many caps nowadays after first joining the United States Air Force with the trusts of turning into a space traveler. With spending cuts in the program and poor visual perception squashing his fantasies, Fletcher earned a degree in solution and opened a private practice while acting as a lay Baptist serve in his group. He got to be distinctly dynamic in Kentucky legislative issues and, by 1999, joined the United States House of Representatives until 2003 when he accepted the part as Kentucky’s Governor until 2007.

40) Minister Louis Farrakhan – Net Worth: $3 Million


Born as Louis Wolcott and prepared as a violinist, Bronx local Louis Farrakhan propelled his vocation as an expert artist in the 1950s in the meantime he was acquainted with the lessons of the Nation of Islam. Joining the NOI in 1955 and quickly getting to be Louis X, Farrakhan surrendered his fantasies of music and rapidly ascended through the positions under the direction of Malcolm X. With Malcolm’s death in 1965, Farrakhan then expected the part as the national representative and illustrative of the NOI and the clergyman of the profoundly compelling Harlem Mosque.

39) Leroy Jenkins – Net Worth: $4 Million


South Carolina evangelist Leroy Jenkins who turned into a born-again Christian subsequent to being indicted fire related crime in 1979. Putting in 12 years in jail, Jenkins was busy again in 2001 when he wedded 77-year-old Eloise Thomas who won the Ohio Lottery Jackpot worth $6 million. A late dowager and overpowered with despondency, Thomas passed away not long after wedding Jenkins leaving the Ohio court to cancel the marriage and preclude Jenkins any from claiming Thomas’ fortune.

38) Tony Campolo – Net Worth: $4 Million


When it comes to having one of the coolest pastor jobs in the world, Tony Campolo effectively takes the prize as the previous spiritual advisor to President Bill Clinton. Perceived as a standout amongst the most compelling religious pioneers and masterminds today, the Philadelphia local is an appointed Baptist priest and evangelist known for his dynamic thoughts and relationship with the Democratic Party. He likewise established the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education (EAPE) to help at-hazard youth all through the United States and Canada.

37) Reinhard Bonnke – Net Worth: $4 Million


Asserting that he has lectured the gospel to a greater number of individuals than whatever other evangelist on the planet, Reinhard Bonnke is known for his missions crosswise over Africa in the course of the most recent 50 years. Hailing from Konigsberg, Germany, Bonnke turned into a Christian as a youngster when his mom let him know the best way to stay away from discipline for transgression was through Jesus. Soon after and at just 10 years of age, Bonnke felt his first calling to lecture in Africa and put in the following 17 years finishing his degree and pastoring in Germany before setting out on his first mission in 1967.

36) Paula White – Net Worth: $5 Million


As of now filling in as the Senior Pastor of the New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida, 49-year-old Paula White has come a significant long route from her Tupelo, Mississippi roots set apart by neediness and physical manhandle. Moving around the nation with her mom and stepfather as a kid, the family at long last settled in Maryland where her life went up against an altogether new way. When she moved on from secondary school, White had changed over to Christianity and guaranteed she had a dream from God that called her to lecture the gospel to others.

35) John MacArthur – Net Worth: $5 Million


Appointed in the 1960s as a Christian outreaching evangelist, John F. MacArthur started his vocation behind the lectern in 1964 at the Calvary Bible Church in Southern California before joining Grace Community Church in Los Angeles in 1969. By 1977, MacArthur took his sermons to a significantly greater gathering of people when he propelled his day by day radio communicate, Grace to You. At first just communicate in Baltimore, Maryland, the program has since turned into a globally syndicated demonstrate that has built up MacArthur as a standout amongst the most persuasive ministers of his period.

34) Kay Arthur – Net Worth: $5 Million


Naturally introduced to a religious Michigan family, Kay Arthur went to Tennessee Temple University where she majored in displaying and later went to nursing school. In the wake of separating her first spouse and learning of his suicide, Arthur spiraled crazy in a progression of awful connections before she swung to her confidence for direction. Conceding that she “went down on her knees a mistress and got up a holy person,” Arthur wedded a moment time in 1965 and joined her significant other in Mexico as a minister before coming back to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

33) Eddie Long – Net Worth: $5 Million


Hailing from the Tarheel State also called wonderful North Carolina, Eddie Long was a business agent for Ford Motor Corporation much sooner than he ever went into service. Losing his occupation at Ford and moving to Atlanta, Long contemplated religious philosophy and turned into a minister at a little Georgia church before assuming control at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in 1987. Developing the congregation from 300 to more than 25,000 individuals in a matter of years, Long figured out how to construct his riches also to the tune of $5 million.

32) Al Sharpton – Net Worth: $5 Million


One of (if not the) most dubious ministers on our rundown is social liberties dissident, anchor person and Baptist serve Al Sharpton. Experiencing childhood in Brooklyn and lecturing his first gospel at four years old as his mom attempted to put nourishment on the table, Sharpton was appointed a Pentecostal clergyman at only nine years of age. He then spent quite a bit of his initial profession as James Brown’s visit director and an extremist close by Jesse Jackson before moving his concentration back to service and joining the Baptist church in the late 1980s.

31) Joseph Prince – Net worth: $5 Million

This Singaporean pastor reportedly earned an annual salary of $550,000. His name is Pastor Joseph Prince and he is the senior pastor of the New Creation Church. In 2008 alone, the financial income of the New Creation church was reportedly $44.7 million US. Pastor Joseph Prince hosts a religious program called “Destined to Reign” and he has addressed many congregations worldwide.

30) John Hagee – Net Worth: $5 Million


Everything’s greater in Texas, even the houses of worship! The child of an eminent Texas reverend, John Hagee played school football at Trinity University in San Antonio before taking after his fantasies of turning into a minister. Once completed with his philosophical preparing, Hagee drove the Trinity Church in San Antonio in the 1970s preceding setting up The Church at Castle Hills in 1975. Beginning with just 25 individuals, the congregation bloomed under Hagee’s authority which motivated him to dispatch John Hagee Ministries and communicate his sermons on TV and radio over the United States.

29) Noel Jones – Net Worth: $5 Million


Conceived in Jamaica as one of seven kids, Noel Jones moved to Syracuse, New York with his family when he was 15 years of age. Enlivened by his dad, who was a cleric and government official, Jones felt called to the service at 19 years old and enlisted at the Aenon Bible College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Theology. Longing for driving his own congregation, Jones at last observed his blessing from heaven at 26 years old when he moved to Longview, Texas to fill in as minister of Bethel Temple.

28) Ravi Zacharias – Net Worth: $7.5 Million


Thinking outside the box as one of only a handful couple of well known evangelists from India is Ravi Zacharias who turned into a Christian at 17 years old after a suicide endeavor conveyed him vis-à-vis with the Bible. Turning his life around, Zacharias moved to Canada with his family in the late 1960s and finished his reviews to wind up distinctly a clergyman. He made a trip to Vietnam in 1971 where he lectured American fighters and later lined up his trek with a visit to Cambodia in 1974 as a feature of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.

27) Peter Popoff – Net Worth: $10 Million


Conceived in war-torn Berlin in 1946, Peter Popoff moved to California with his family at a youthful age and finished his learns at the University of California before at long last wedding and settling down in 1970. A little while later, Popoff advanced toward TV service where his forceful and enthusiastic messages were communicate over the United States and changed him into a notorious confidence healer known for hollering “break free of the fallen angel” at some of his most broken down adherents.

26) Joyce Meyer – Net Worth: $10 Million


Regardless of whether you are flipping through the TV slots or examining the most recent titles on an absolute necessity read list, odds are you’ve seen the face or name of the widely acclaimed Joyce Meyer. Spending quite a bit of her initial life living in the fast track frequenting bars and taking from her bosses, Meyer says that it wasn’t until 1976 when she heard the voice of God calling her to turn her life around. Turning into a conceived again Christian, Meyer began little by driving a book of scriptures class before propelling her own particular service in 1985 took after by a week after week radio program.

25) Jesse Jackson – Net Worth: $10 Million


Maybe first referred to as a government official and after that as a religious pioneer and social liberties lobbyist, Jesse Jackson has made incredible progress in the greater part of his attempts. Conceived in South Carolina in the 1940s, Jackson dismisses a small time baseball contract keeping in mind the end goal to acknowledge a football grant to the University of Illinois. Exchanging to North Carolina A&T and as yet playing football, Jackson got to be distinctly dynamic in nearby social equality crusades as he enlisted in the Chicago Theological Seminary before dropping out three classes shy of procuring his graduate degree.

24) Juanita Bynum – Net Worth: $10 Million


Conceived in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois, Juanita Bynum built up herself as a magnetic identity at a very early stage in her life when she made that big appearance as a tyke dramatic star. In the wake of moving on from secondary school, Bynum turned her thoughtfulness regarding service when she started giving sermons all through the city until a video called No More Sheets was discharged in the 1990s and made her an easily recognized name. Riding the heels of her initial achievement, she then turned into a standard on the Trinity Broadcasting Network with talking engagements around the globe.

23) Chris Okotie – Net worth: $10 Million

In the 1980s, Chris Okotie was a pop musician. He then embraced the Bible and set up one of Nigeria’s most flamboyant congregations, the Household of God Church. He loves automobiles and owns several posh cars which include a Mercedes S600,  Rolls-Royce, Hummer and Porsche.

22) Matthew Ashimolowo – Net worth: $10 Million

The largest Pentecostal church in the United Kingdom is Matthew Ashimolowo’s Kingsway International Christian Center. It earns a profit of more than $10 million and has assets worth more than $40 million.

21) Ed Young – Net Worth: $11 Million


It wasn’t until his sophomore year on a b-ball grant at Florida State University that Ed Young chose to change vocation ways altogether and take after his dad’s strides into service. Exchanging to Houston Baptist University in Texas and finishing his Masters of Divinity at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Young quickly joined his dad before opening the Fellowship Church in a little office complex in Houston. Building a vast after inside a couple of years, Young moved his sermons to the neighborhood rec center to better oblige 5,000 week by week participants.

20) Ernest Angley – Net Worth: $15 Million


Brought up in a Baptist family in the 1920s, North Carolina local Ernest Angley turned into a Christian in 1939 when he was 18 years of age. Hitched and living in Ohio by the 1950s, Angley acted as a voyaging Pentecostal confidence healer and evangelist with nothing to his name other than a tent, camper and a Bible. He immediately amassed an unwavering after and in the end had enough support and cash to buy Grace Cathedral (Temple of Healing Stripes) in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and in addition the nearby Channel 55 TV channel.

19) Cindy Trimm – Net Worth: $15 Million


Hailing from Bermuda and distinguishing herself as a strengthening expert, Cindy Trimm propelled her vocation in legislative issues when she took the title of Senator at just 30 years of age. Acknowledging she could do significantly more in service, Trimm traded her political platform for the lectern as she started driving sermons and composing books about profound development and mending. Utilizing her political ability and notoriety, Trimm’s prominence bloomed as she ventured to every part of the globe lecturing and elevating her establishment to help revamp and renew groups in need.

18) T.B. Joshua – Net worth: $15 Million

Nigeria’s most powerful, controversial and philanthropic preacher is Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua. He is the head of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), a congregration that he founded in 1987. This christian minister, televangelist and faith healer is a big giver; his humanitarian works include education, healthcare and rehabilitation programs. He is also the owner of a Christian television network, Emmanuel TV.

17) T. D. Jakes – Net worth: $18 Million

The Potter’s House, a non-denominational American mega-church, has over 30,000 members, and Bishop T. D. Jakes is the apostle/bishop. MegaFest, his ministry’s annual revival, draws more than 100,000 people.

16) Kirk Cameron – Net Worth: $20 Million


Making his acting presentation at just 13 years of age, Kirk Cameron turned into an easily recognized name in 1985 as the insidious and enchanting Mike Seaver on the hit ABC sitcom Growing Pains. Cameron wrapped up the arrangement in 1992 and kept on showing up in TV programs and movies like Listen To Me, Fireproof and the Left Behind arrangement before truly deserting everything to concentrate exclusively on his confidence. Joining forces with New Zealand evangelist Ray Comfort in the 1990s, Cameron helped to establish The Way of the Master service.

15) Rick Warren – Net Worth: $25 Million

Rick Warren

Destined to a Baptist clergyman and custodian in San Jose, California, Rick Warren took after his dad’s strides into service subsequent to going to California Baptist University and the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Spending his initial years in service co-composing two books, Warren set up the Saddleback Church in 1980 when he lectured his first sermon before 200 individuals accumulated in a neighborhood secondary school theater. Utilizing almost 80 unique areas for the following two decades, Warren guided the congregation to accomplishment with more than 10,000 individuals in participation building up him as a standout amongst the most eminent ministers in the United States.

14) Billy Graham – Net worth: $25 Million

A southern Baptist, Billy Graham earned a celebrity status when his sermons were broadcast on radio and TV stations all over the USA. In 1950, he founded the Billy Graham Evangelist Association.

13) Kenneth Copeland – Net Worth: $26.5 Million


Best known for his messages about success and plenitude, it shows up Copeland can reference a lot of firsthand understanding. Prior to his transformation to Christianity he had business accomplishment as a recording craftsman, discharging 1957’s “Promise of Love” which made it to #17 of the main 40 bulletin hits of the year. Copeland has had a long lasting adoration for flying also, which permitted him after change to wind up distinctly the individual pilot of Oral Roberts before beginning his own particular service and owning his own particular private fly (in fact paid for by chapel gifts). Copeland and his family likewise live in a $6.3 million bequest, where TV groups of onlookers are welcome to lounge around the table with the family on “Devotees Voice of Victory”.

12) Creflo Dollar – Net worth: $27 Million

Creflo Dollar, an American televangelist pastor, is also a Word of Faith teacher. He is the founder of the non-denominational World Changers Church International. He has built a multi million dollar ministry on the message “It is the will of God for you to prosper in every way.”

11) John Danforth – Net Worth: $30 Million


However another politically slanted minister on our rundown, John Danforth began his profession as the Attorney General of Missouri from 1969 to 1976 when he was chosen to the United States Senate. Putting in 19 years in the Senate, Danforth wrapped up his term in 1995 and advanced toward the White House when he was named by the George W. Shrub organization as the 24th United States Ambassador to the United Nations from 2004 to 2005.

10) E. A .Adeboye – Net Worth: $39 Million


Enoch Adejare Adeboye started his vocation in lecturing while as yet keeping up a residency at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. It shows up his Ph.D. in science keeps on serving him well, as enrollment quantities of his Redeemed Christian Church of God keep on swelling in more than 100 nations. Adeboye has guaranteed an objective to put a congregation “inside 5 minutes” of each home on the planet. With 14,000 branches in Nigeria alone, it appears he has done as such for no less than one nation.

9) Joel Osteen – Net Worth: $40 Million


Effortlessly a standout amongst the most prevalent ministers in the United States today, Joel Osteen has earned the epithet as “The Smiling Preacher” on account of his Texas-sized magnetism. Destined to a Southern Baptist minister who established the Lakewood Church, Osteen concentrated radio and TV interchanges at Oral Roberts University yet left Oklahoma and came back to Houston without a certificate close by. Steering and creating his dad’s broadcast sermons for a long time until his dad’s startling passing in 1999, Osteen wound up behind the podium of the biggest Protestant Church in the whole nation.

8) Benny Hinn – Net worth: $42 Million (United States)

Benny Hinn, an Israeli-American televangelist, earned wealth through his ministry and evangelical program. He is known for his regular miracle healing crusades, which are held in large stadiums in major cities and are being broadcast on television.

7) Robert Tilton – Net Worth: $50 Million


Uniting televangelism and infomercials in the 1990s, Texas local Robert Tilton discovered early accomplishment on his religious TV program called Success-N-Life. Organized like an infomercial while spreading the Christian message, the arrangement was communicate in more than 200 American TV markets and place Tilton before a huge number of watchers once a day. Thus, the show acquired over $80 million in yearly income and was immediately positioned as “the quickest developing TV service in America.”

6) Janice Crouch – Net Worth: $50 Million


Conceived as Janice Wendell Bethany in New Brockton, Alabama, Janice Crouch is the girl of a Georgia minister and had little thought when she met Paul Crouch exactly how much her life and confidence would bloom. Wedding Paul in 1957 and beginning a family, Janice joined her significant other in the service before the couple combined up with Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker to build up the Trinity Broadcasting Network in 1973. After a year, TBN bought its first TV channel out of Southern California in what might in the end turn into the biggest Christian broadcasting company in the nation.

5) Chris Oyakhilome – Net worth: $50 Million

The church of Chris Oyakhilome, Christ Embassy, has more than 40,000 members, several of which are successful entrepreneurs and politicians. This pastor’s diversified interests include magazines, newspapers, a TV station, a record label, hotels, satellite TV and real estate.

4) Enoch Adeboye – Net Worth: $55 Million


Simply call him “Daddy GO.”  Nigerian local Enoch Adeboye who held a promising vocation as a science teacher subsequent to moving on from the University of Lagos with his PhD. Joining the Redeemed Christian Church of God in 1973, Adeboye had a change of heart when it went to his vocation after he started making an interpretation of sermons into English for the present minister. About 10 years after the fact, Adeboye was selected the General Overseer of the moderately obscure church, yet it was inevitable under his administration before the congregation would see exponential development.

3) David Oyedepo – Net worth: $150 Million

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of the Living Faith World Outreach Ministry, which has grown to become one of Africa’s largest congregations ever since he founded this ministry in 1981. There are three services every Sunday in The Faith Tabernacle that he hosts. This prosperous pastor owns private jets and homes in the US and the UK.

2) George Foreman – Net Worth: $250 Million


Two-time World Heavyweight Champion and Olympic gold medalist, George Foreman is one of the best boxers to ever live. Propelling his profession in the ring in 1969, Foreman kept tossing punches until the 1990s with a great record of 76 wins and five misfortunes including 68 knockouts that earned him an enrollment in the World Boxing Hall of Fame. Formally resigning in 1997 at 48 years of age, Foreman is an appointed pastor however that isn’t the place he’s fabricated his amazing $250 million riches.

1) Pat Robertson – Net Worth: $500 Million


With regards to ministers, one of the greatest names in the business and frequently the principal that strikes a chord is Pat Robertson. Naturally introduced to an unmistakable political family in Virginia, Robertson was drafted into the Marine Corp in 1948 and returned home to finish his law degree from Yale in 1955. Coming up short the New York law oriented test, Robertson encountered an extraordinary religious change that roused him to select at the New York Theological Seminary. Not long after his graduation, Robertson was well on his approach to achievement when he set up the Christian Broadcasting Network in 1960.

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