What Are the Richest Celebs Doing With All that Money?


Some of your favorite celebs are really, quite rich, but you already knew that. Here are some of the top ranking celebrities in the money department and some of the enviable things that they’re doing with all that cash.

Kanye West

Kanye West Rich Celeb Money

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Kanye West has an estimated net worth of somewhere between $100 million and $130 million. The rapper makes big purchases of both the business and personal variety. In March of this year he acquired the street wear company Karmaloop with Damon Dash, which ultimately will only make him more money. Kanye is also generous to his girl Kim K, this past mother’s day he got her a “couple >Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Money Rich Celeb

Kim is reportedly worth around $85 million, and the Kardashian clan altogether rings in at over $300 million. Not surprisingly Kim spends an awful lot of money on looking pretty, just products that she’s happened to mention using come in close to $2,000 a month. Of course that’s not including things she isn’t mentioning, or ahem anything that comes from the doctor. She’s reportedly spent somewhere from $30-50 million dollars on weddings, but of course that’s three weddings not one. For hubby Kanye’s most recent birthday Kim surprised him with The Staples Center, all cleared out minus the ballers. It cost her $110,000.

Jay Z & Beyonce

Beyonce Jay-Z Money Rich Celebs

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According to Forbes Jay Z has a net worth of $550 million this year, and queen Bey’s was $250 million. So what do they do with all that hard earned dough? Well, the couple gave their adorable daughter Blue Ivy a diamond encrusted Barbie doll worth $80,000. In an emergency she could always sell it for her college fund. They don’t skimp on housing rentals either, in 2012 the family shelled out $400,000 a month for a house in the Hamptons. Just your average family vacation. Beyonce has also reportedly spent $100,000 on some Balenciaga leggings, but they were gold and she’s the queen, so that’s just life.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Rich Celeb Money

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Miley’s always just being Miley, and has ranked in about $150 million for her net worth. When she’s not busy making out and sticking her tongue out she must be doing something with all that money! The singer reportedly spent $24,000 on hair extensions when she was only 18. Maybe that’s why she decided to cut all of her off ultimately? Things women do for beauty. The singer also spends money on more reasonable things, like her most recent house purchase for $5 million. The ranch style house boasts 6,500 square feet. A girl’s gotta rest her head somewhere.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd-Mayweather Rich Celeb Money

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Good old Floyd is currently worth about $650 million, and as you may know his salary is now $100 million per fight. What does he do when he isn’t on the job? (Besides recovering and staying strong that is.) Well, Floyd isn’t shy about spending his money and it’s actually gotten him into a bit of trouble with the bank. He loves shopping (who doesn’t) and travels with plastic bags holding stacks of hundreds to use when he’s ready to throw down. Because debit cards are so boring. He has two entire fleets of luxury cars which includes a Bentley worth $290,000. Reportedly he only wears each pair of shoes one time and leaves his used ones behind in his hotel room for whomever to take. At least he’s generous?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Rich Celeb

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Tiger has been estimated to be worth around $650 million bucks. How does he spend his money? On divorce! Just kidding, sort of. That only cost him $110 million bucks and he’s still living large and raking it in. He has a yacht worth about $20 million, a $64 million G4 private jet, and he has a house in Florida worth $55 million. No matter how short his trips are, when he has to rent a house for a tournament he furnishes it with all his house furniture. He just likes to be comfy.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Rich Celeb Money

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The Biebs is reportedly worth around $200 million. One snitch told the New York Post that he spends $8,000 a week on marijuana. Hope he’s sharing that with his friends! (Or not?) Last year he spent $75,000 in one night at a strip club in Miami, but before you get all judge-y he was there for a birthday party of course. While it is mostly fun and games for Justin Bieber he also takes care of his family. The singer bought a house for his pops and half siblings. It was only $850,000 in comparison to the millions he spends on his own house, but hey that’s the difference between real estate in rural Canada and Calabasas.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Rich Celeb Money

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Kevin Hart is one of the top earning comedians, which brings his net worth somewhere around

$40-45 million. We don’t know a ton about any high rolling habits he has, but we do know that Hart spent his first six figure check on a $150,000 watch hoping it would give him a boost of coolness, but no one even noticed so he ended up returning it. Maybe he learned his lesson? We also know that he once gave a costar $1,000 to hit the strip club, and he has called Will Ferrell “cheap as hell”.

Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort Money

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The motivational speaker and real life inspiration for the Wolf of Wallstreet Jordan Belfort is worth about $100 million these days. Supposedly. His true net worth has been a bit of a mystery, since of course he got busted for his bad boy business ways and spent some time in jail. Since returning the average life he started a company that holds seminars about building wealth. We don’t how he’s spending his cash these days, but we do know that at one point he made $12 million in three minutes and has dropped $700,000 on one hotel bill. (How is that even possible, just running a tab?) He also one time had sex with his wifey on $3 million in $10,000 stacks of notes.

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