Renovating your home soon? Benefits of choosing hardwood timber floors


If you’re about to renovate your home, and wondering what type of flooring you want to install for either just your living room or entire home, hardwood timber flooring is a great option due to its timeless appeal.

Here are some benefits of installing hardwood timber flooring for your home:

The value of our property will increase

A great advantage to choosing this type of flooring is that homes tend to sell faster than homes with wall-to-wall carpeting or laminate flooring in the real estate market. It is a smart investment as it not only creates a luxurious atmosphere, it lasts longer than laminate or carpet floors, and therefore buyers are willing to pay more for homes with study hardwood timber floors.

Its versatility with interior design schemes

The timeless and classic look of wooden floors are a design feature in its own right. However, hardwood floors are versatile enough to work well with different interior design schemes. You can add warmth and softness to the texture of hard flooring

You can add warmth and softness to the texture of hard flooring with either vibrant, light and coloured area rugs for dark wood, or heavier richer coloured area rugs for a lighter shade of wood.

Create interest by incorporating a dark feature wall with dark cabinets for wooden floors that are lighter in colour such as blonde or light tan. Dark hues of wood however can be combined with colourful and bright sofa cushions, and light wall paint to provide a more lively and sharp atmosphere to the room.

Easy and fun to decorate with furnishings

Whether your wooden floors are light or dark, its luxurious appeal works well with simple and fun furnishings. Different sized vases will add dimension to the space. Different coloured throw rugs for your sofas will add a cosy ambience to your space with hard wooden floors, and are not only aesthetically appealing but provide practical comfort. You may also want to complement your wooden floors with plants as greenery works well with rich hues of wood. Have you ever noticed that there are many images of flower-filled vases on well-polished wooden table surfaces? It’s simple yet elegant.

With this being said, create a classic juxtaposition by adding fresh flowers or green foliage to the space. This may be adding some greenery to a high mantel or simply adding fresh flowers to a coffee table. If you’re into the minimalist aesthetic – choose white flowers such as tulips.

Have allergies? It’s a healthier option

Not only are hard wooden floors aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they are a healthy choice if you are an allergy sufferer. There will always be dust, dander and pollen that will end up on your floors, no matter if it is carpet, laminate, wood or tile.

However, if you choose hardwood flooring, dust will not settle the same way as carpet. They are more hygienic option as it has no fibres, grout lines, or embossing that can trap pet dander, dust mites, mildew and allergens. As an outcome, wood flooring is more easier to clean and is the best option when it comes to contributing to a healthier indoor air quality for your family.

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