Svbscription is another one of those monthly/quarterly gift box companies, sort of like the Cheese of the Month club, only obviously cooler. What Svbscription does different, dare I say better, than most of these companies comes down to the packaging. Of course, the goods are great. They’re partnered with big names like GQ, Harper Collins, and Kinfolk Magazine so what you receive doesn’t disappoint. But the way you receive it will make you feel like a kid on Christmas.

Svbscription-V8-revealed1_0 subscription stuff

These guys take care to wrap and secure each gift item in a beautifully lacquered wooden box, aligning the bottle of bourbon just right, beside the latest issue of The Paris Review. If you like samples, trying new things, or just plain old surprises, bet on Svbscription to widen your tastes and even your mind.

Svbscription package

Predictability goes out the metaphorical window here. Expect the unexpected. Or don’t have any expectations at all, because likely, Svbscription will hook you up with something better than you could think up on your own. Svbscription-V8-revealed4

If your life is missing that essential touch of luxury, Svbscription is where you’ll find it.

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