The Pill – Golf Training Aid


Golf is a game where less is more. When you’re conquering the back nine an impeccable swing is paramount, no mess-ups, no miscalculations, no mistakes. The only thing that can make sure your ball goes where you want it to is practice. However, our eyes can only do so much. The Pill Golf Aid goes a step further and takes training to a new level.

The Pill - Core

Essentially The Pill is a golf ball with a chunk lopped off each side. This makes The Pill roll left and right when the face of your club isn’t square with the ball. If your club is open The Pill rolls to the right, when your club is closed The Pill rolls to the left. Put two Pills together and break your swing down even further. After The Pill highlights your mistakes it is infinitely easier to correct them and keep your game ahead of the Jones’es. Watch Paul Nagi, inventor of The Pill, explain the product here:

There are four options for purchasing The Pill. Get them all here.

1. Single Pill for $12.95

The Pill - Single

2. Three Pills for $37.95

The Pill - Three

3. Twelve Pills for $129.50

The Pill - Twelve

4. Fifty Pills for $497.50

The Pill - Fifty

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