Partida Tequila: The Bentley of Reposado’s


Partida Tequila The Bentley of Reposado's (3)

Made the old fashioned way, Partida Tequila is a drink of excellence. Distilled twice and aged to 50% longer as required, this tequila is without a doubt a special occasion drink. Ageing in Jack Daniels oak barrels gives it a distinctive taste. Partida Tequila is natural and without any additives, no coloration, just goodness.

Partida Tequila The Bentley of Reposado's - reposado - blanco

Four different tastes make for a full selection of what a tequila can be. Blanco – a straight forward silver tequila. Añejo – rich taste with cherry, almond and dry fruit aroma. Elegante – best tequila for your taste buds.  And our favorite Reposado Tequila. It’s everything you’ve been looking for in a Tequila: rich, smooth and just a little bit sweet. It’s been called “The Bentley of Reposado’s” for it’s heavenly taste with a hint of vanilla, hazelnut, and almond. Reposado Tequila is most delicate out there and the most subtle from the Partida Tequila collection.

Taste the Partida Tequila.

Partida Tequila The Bentley of Reposado's - eleganto - anejo

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