No Fault Accident: What Are Next Steps? Insurance, Repairs & More

In the last few years, the world has observed a more significant transformation in the advancements of automobiles.

Unfortunately, this has made the traffic situation worse and has led to a higher rate of road accidents per year.

For this, many new rules and regulations are issued by every state.

These laws determine the drivers whose irresponsibility caused the other party significant injuries or death, and they also ensure that responsible drivers compensate victims of the accident.

Of all the significant causes of traffic accidents, one of the most common is the rear-end collision. It’s essential for all drivers to know their rights just in case of any false accusations. This article can help you learn more about your rights if you get involved in a rear-end collision.

Who is Responsible for the Rear-End Accident?

Deciding who is responsible and who is not should always be based on valid instances of the rear-end accident.

Even though people try to blame everything on the rear driver by manipulating them into believing that there can be no other culprit, it is important to observe every little detail of the situation critically before coming to a conclusion.

Since the compensation charges in a car accident are very high, if you don’t defend yourself, you may end up paying a considerable amount from your pocket for no reason.

Therefore, you must make notes and collect evidence, like statements of witnesses, pictures of the scene, etc., to distinguish between the fault of the lead drivers and yourself. Furthermore, to highlight the negligence of other drivers, you need to observe if they have broken the traffic rules or not. These violations of traffic rules include:

  • Driving at a higher speed than allowed by the road laws
  • Driving distracted while listening to music, talking to someone on the phone or with the ones sitting beside them, looking out of the window to challenge or harass people, etc.
  • Tailgating someone while driving.
  • Driving recklessly.
  • Unnecessarily changing lanes
  • Drinking while driving or driving under the influence.
  • Being on drugs and strong medications.
  • Using breaks suddenly without any technical issue.
  • Driving aggressively.
  • Other rules.

How to Deal With Uninsured Drivers?

Not every driver on the road is adequately insured; some motorists and automobile drivers who couldn’t afford insurance either have no insurance or their driver’s insurance policy is not sufficient to pay for your compensation. As a result, if that driver is held liable in a rear end collision, he may not be able to pay the maximum amount. Therefore, many insurance companies offer uninsured and underinsured motorists (UMC/UIM) coverage that offers to pay the expenses of the liable driver in order to meet your claim. This way, the injured party can cover all their damages.

Why Is Legal Help Important?

It is not always certain that you are the cause of the accident if you are a rear driver.

The negligence of the other car drivers is also a significant reason behind the rear-end collision. That’s why you should collect strong evidence and witness statements to prove that the accident was solely the fault of an irresponsible driver.

However, if you don’t know how to handle all the evidence and documentation as per the requirements of the law, you can also get legal assistance from local lawyers. They ensure you get the right advice and assistance in documenting, collecting evidence, and filing the claim to get your claim accepted.

Causes of the Rear-End Collision

It’s not necessary that someone is at fault for a collision accident on the road; most of the time, bad weather and natural events can also cause the accidents, for example, sometimes some official deliveries are to be done, which could not be delayed,  and the drivers were forced to drive in unusual weather conditions or maybe at a high speed in order to deliver on time. In this case, the companies with whom the driver is associated, are responsible for the accident caused, and by law are liable to compensate. Moreover, other reasons for the rear-end collisions are listed below.

  • Night-time driving can cause the drivers to get tired and sleep while driving.
  • Wet road conditions can make it difficult for drivers to control their vehicles.
  • Heavier vehicles like trucks and trolleys are more prone to accidents due to their weight.
  • Sometimes the traffic lights have technical issues that make it difficult for the cars to drive without directions.
  • Some vehicles have complicated brake systems or headlights that cause problems for going on long routes.

The U.S observes up to 2 million road accidents per year, and the local nation suffers from more significant losses worth millions. That’s why the government has issued rules and regulations to prevent these accidents. On the other hand, the state has also set rules for compensating the expenses to ensure the injured or grieving drivers don’t have to pay further costs. Having said that, it is advisable to stay alert on the road and maintain a safe distance from the car moving ahead of you, for your and everyone’s safety.

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