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NFT Rarity Tools: How to Flip NFTs for 350 ETH

When it concerns NFT projects, rarity is a major factor in determining the value of specific NFTs as well as the utility provided by their characteristics.

What is NFT Rarity?

The qualities discovered in the Crypto-Punks collection inspired NFT rarity. Rarity fuels a huge portion of the economy and generates excitement around collecting NFTs. It is the outcome of a calculation that considers the numerous qualities contained in a collection’s NFTs.

How is NFT Rarity calculated?

Rarity is one of the most essential elements in establishing the importance of the individual NFT, as you may know. But how can you determine an individual NFT piece’s overall rarity? The next sections will provide an answer to this query.

·      Ranking of trait rarity

It relates to comparing the rarest attribute of each non-fungible token while comparing NFTs. Even though it is a simple and clear strategy, it has the flaw of only considering the rarest attribute of each NFT: it does not examine the NFTs’ overall rarity, only the rarest trait.

·      Trait rarity on average

Averaging the rarity of qualities found on the NFT is another way for calculating NFT rarity. For instance, if an NFT has two features, one with a 50% rarity and the other with a 10% rarity, the average trait rarity is (50+10)/2 = 30%. The strategy appears to be effective since it takes into account the overall rarity of the features.

The problem with this strategy is that it places too much emphasis on the overall rarity of each characteristic, resulting in the one highly rare trait being undervalued and the rarity value being diluted by the other traits.

·      Rarity in statistics

The overall rarity of an NFT is calculated by multiplying all of its trait rarities together. To show how it works, look at the sample below.

Consider an NFT with two features, one with a 10% weighting and the other with a 50% weighting. The statistical rarity for that NFT would be (10% * 50%) = 5%.

When these three methodologies are used to compare the rarity of some NFTs, the findings imply various ranks. All of these techniques are now used in community-created ranking spreadsheets and web pages. However, assessing the rarity of NFTs remains a difficulty with no evident answer due to differing results. However, specialists have lately developed tools to calculate the rarity of an NFT.

How to trade NFTs based Rarity?

The first step for designers in establishing an NFT is to create a “Crypto Wallet.” Ethereum can be kept in digital wallets and used to pay for coin fees.

After that, you must link your Crypto Wallet to one of the NFT exchanges. Designers and artists can submit their digitized artwork to NFT marketplaces to offer it as an NFT. An NFT’s unique identification and ownership are verified by the blockchain ledger. This is now possible on other blockchains, such as FLOW and Bitcoin Cash. They were, however, already available on the Ethereum blockchain.

The NFT that identifies ownership, whether it’s a JPG, MP3, GIF, or something else, can be acquired and auctioned off just like any other piece of art. You’d notice a lot of reproductions of famous masterpieces if you went into a gift shop in an art gallery. Similarly, some NFTs function.

There are genuine blockchain parts, however, they are not worth the same as the original. Though it does not imply copyright ownership, NFTs almost always include a license for the digital item to which they connect.

You should first visit an NFT marketplace to start trading these digital assets. On the internet, there are multiple NFT marketplaces that all effectively do the same thing.

The best part about getting going with NFT trading is that it is straightforward and accessible to practically everyone. So, to get started with NFT trading, follow these steps:

Get yourself a cryptocurrency wallet first.

Non-fungible tokens that you earn, buy, or sell are stored in a crypto wallet. Because the majority of NFTs are constructed on the Ethereum blockchain, using a crypto wallet intended for that technology, is recommended.

Invest in NFTs

After that, you’ll need some NFTs. You can buy them from an NFT tools store, or you can earn them by playing NFT games.

Visit a marketplace for NFT tools.

You can create an account in an NFT marketplace from here. This shouldn’t take long, and you’ll be able to start building your profile after that.

Start trading

Finally, all that’s left is for you to look through the NFTs you want to buy or publish the NFTs you want to sell.

The Best Paid Tools for Sniping NFTs


Sniping is the most exciting element of NFT creation tools. Professional NFT snipers use these NFT tools most often when a project is unveiled since they want to be among the first to discover rare items, buy them up, and resale them for a large profit.

Long-term collectors, on the other hand, can still benefit from these tools. While all of the information they display is available on OpenSea, they repurpose it to make it easier to spot deals and understand what’s going on in real-time.

Trait Sniper is a must-have tool if you want to acquire rarity rankings right after a project is revealed. While there are other rarity trackers, this one is the most up-to-date in terms of new collections. Due to Discord’s busy position, you can report concerns or suggest that the founders explore your favorite projects, and they will answer immediately.

The basic goal of these nft tools is to snipe mispriced NFTs, as the name implies. That’s why it’s vital to have the rarity ranks revealed as soon as possible after the announcement before holders realize they have rare items and change the selling price on OpenSea.

Benefits of TraitSniper Genesis Pass and TraitSniper Alpha Pass

There are two types of passes

  1. Trait Snipper Alpha Pass
  2. Trait Snipper Genesis Pass

Trait Sniper – The Ultimate NFT Trading Platform has 3,333-lifetime access passes available. Holders will receive lifetime access to all of Trait Sniper’s essential tools. Holders can have access to additional features, whitelist access for partner projects, and become the centerpiece of our token comic in the future.

The Best Free Tools for Sniping NFTs


OpenSea is without a doubt the biggest and most well-known NFT marketplace. On this site, users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs, virtual collectibles, digital assets, and gaming products. All of this is accessible through a website that uses advanced cryptography. Through OpenSea, users can sell their NFTs to anyone in the world.

The marketplace has almost 4 million digital assets available. Additionally, you can search by category to find anything that piques your curiosity. You may also take OpenSea with you everywhere you go because it is available on mobile devices. This site also has some useful starting point information, like tips on avoiding fraud and staying secure on the decentralized web.


One of the most technologically advanced NFT Minting tools is Etherscan. At the heart of this and other NFT, Minting tools is a block explorer that allows you to study the specifics of each transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. This contains a token tracker for all Ethereum-based tokens, as well as access to all ERC-721 token contracts and the NFT Tools, among other NFT Minting tools.

It’s also helpful if you wish to mint NFTs directly from a project agreement, for example. We’ve done it before, and many professional NFT tools sellers like it because it allows them to double-check the contract’s accuracy while also accommodating minor cost modifications.

ICY Tools

ICY Tools is among the most famous NFT Minting Tools, and you may buy a monthly pass or an ICY Founders Club NFT, which gives you unlimited access and allows you to trade it on OpenSea. You must link your wallet to gain access to the premium services, which is done in the regular web3 way. You can get a peek of what the NFT Minting tools can achieve as a free user, but it comes to life when you pay for the Founders Club NFT. The ICY Founders Club is a set of 1,700 generative club cards that provide 1,649 early access clients permanent access to icy. tools via a transferable NFT.

The Best Rarity Tools for SOL

How Rare Is

Most NFT rarity tools focus on Ethereum NFTs, as the bulk of NFT projects are created on the Ethereum network. So, where can you find Solana NFTs, which are extremely rare? How Rare Is enters the picture at this point.

How Rare Is, created by SOLBigBrain, is one of the finest rarity tools for Solana NFTs. The website currently lists 689 Solana NFT collections, totaling 2.53 million NFTs. These are organized by floor price, the number of items and holders if the NFTs are on sale, and other factors.

The interphase in How Rare Is is simple and easy to use. All of the NFT collections, as well as their many parameters–floor price, items, holders, on sale, percent on sale, and floor MC–, can be found on the main page (USD).

You can view the top collections in each category by clicking on any of them. For example, you can click ‘Floor Price’ to show all the collections sorted by their floor price in ascending or descending order.

How to Flip NFTs for 350 ETH

Metaverse initiative The Sandbox paid 350 Ether, or slightly over $1 million in USD, for a rare Moonbirds NFT, making it the highest Moonbird sale so far in the new NFT project’s bull run.

On the NFT marketplace OpenSea, Moonbird #2642 is currently marked as held by the verified account @TheSandboxGame.

The Moonbirds’ current floor price is 33.4 ETH, having reached an all-time high of only about 40 ETH in late April and turning in some of the greatest gains in NFT price movements based on their mint price of 2.5 ETH on April 16th, 2022. They had more sales and share price in the first week after minting than the top 10 NFT collections combined, and they flipped other blue-chip NFTs like Azuki and Meebits in market cap.

The quality of the PROOF Collective development team piqued investor attention, as did the promise of earning long-term staking profits by ‘nesting’ their Moonbirds.

Buying NFTs in the Sandbox

The creators of the virtual world So far, the Sandbox and its governance token SAND have purchased a large number of non-fungible tokens.

According to the NFT tracking website DappRadar, they paid $2.9 million for a rare golden Bored Ape NFT in 2021. They own 31 NFTs from the renowned BAYC collection, as well as 21 Mutant Apes, 7 Doodles, 30 World of Women NFTs, and 21 Mutant Apes.

This announcement could signify a continuation of the Moonbirds’ bull market, as well as a bottom for SAND, which is now trading at a little over $2 after reaching a high of nearly $8 in November 2021, at the same time as Bitcoin and Ethereum. SAND is one of the greatest altcoins to invest in.



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