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New Yorkers, Want to Set Up Your Own Grow Tent? Here’s How

Do you want to grow fresh and edible vegetables or medicinal plants in your home? You can enjoy quality fresh home-grown produce any time of the year if you get a handy grow tent. A grow tent is a type of tent designed specifically for plants with a structure consisting of reflective interior walls that are waterproof and lightproof. Another interesting feature of grow tents is that it can easily fit in any interior space. All you need to do is to get the right tent and know how to set it. Read on to learn how to set up your own grow tent.

Find a Suitable Space

The first thing that you should do is to ensure that you find a suitable space for your grow tent in any of the rooms inside your home. The space inside your room can determine the size of the tent that you can get. When selecting the area to put your tent, you should make sure that it is closer to a source of water and power supply. You should also ensure that the place is noise-free.

Configure Your Setup

When you choose a suitable area for your tent, you should set it up in a strategic way to ensure that it can accommodate your plants. You can use reflective sheeting on the bottom of the tent to prevent excessive moisture from the floor. Do not set your tent on carpeted floors since they can hold moisture and also trap bugs and bacteria.

Create An Air Exchange System

It is essential to control the climate in your grow tent to maintain favorable temperature and humidity that can promote plant growth. Plants constantly use carbon monoxide to produce food, and when they transpire, breathe, or get watered, they release moisture. As a result, the humidity level can fluctuate in your grow tent. The best way to remove excess moisture from your tent is to install a dehumidifier for grow tent to promote nutrient absorption. When humidity content in the air is low, the plants can pull more water using their roots. Excess humidity can lead to issues like reduced consumption of water through the plant roots.

Furthermore, high humidity can cause the buds of the plant to develop powdery mildew and they eventually rot. High moisture content also causes mold in the roots, leaves, and stems which negatively affects the quality of your crops. You need to use the best grow tent dehumidifier to control moisture to ensure good health for your plants.

Choose the Right Grow Light

Light plays a critical role in promoting the growth of your plants since it enhances the process of photosynthesis that is responsible for the production of plant food. The plants need sufficient light to convert nutrients, carbon dioxide, and water into energy that promotes growth. Oxygen is also produced during the same process. Therefore, you should choose the right grow light for your tent.

Setting up a grow tent inside your home or any other enclosed space is easy since there are just a few steps that you should follow. You need to choose the right place to set up your tent and configure it to ensure that it will suit your needs. After configuring your tent, you must ensure that you install the best dehumidifier to control the level of moisture inside your tent. You also need to ensure that there is sufficient light inside your grow tent.

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