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Life, Tailored’s 2016 Resolutions on Life, Travel & Boozing

We’re already 30 days into 2016, and I haven’t fully clarified my New Year’s Resolution.

The thing is, I think it’s more important to make resolutions throughout the year. I don’t need to pick my resolution on December 31st, and only have those goals throughout the year.

If I discover something new, exciting, and worth working towards, I’m going to adopt that resolution even if it comes in December.

So with that being said, we’re highlighting our 2016 …so far Resolutions.

Stop, and Enjoy the Moment

I noticed last year I was feeling stressed, hurried and generally overwhelmed for no reason at all. I would be rushing to get home from the gym, even though the workday was over and I was just going home to relax on the couch. So to combat this, whenever I feel rushed, I close my eyes, and take five deep breaths. I feel the air going into my lungs and into my brain, and then out again. After my five breaths, I am calm, and appreciate being able to go to the gym, walk to work, etc.

Travel to New Places

We’re young, have no kids, and want to see the World.

In fact, we’ve already ticked this off our list, having hit Singapore, Thailand and Mexico in 2016 alone.

For the rest of year so far we are planning Northern Italy, Madrid, and maybe Burning Man.

More Hugs

After listening to Dr. Agus on the Stern show, he said if you want to live longer, better years, you should incorporate more hugs into your daily life. So now, whenever I can, I hug @ThreadTherapy. Love you wei 🙂

Detox Alcohol 2 Days a Week

mikes-hard We want to thank Mike’s Hard for working with us to create our 2016 Resolutions Another of Dr. Agus’ tips was to detox 2 days a week from alcohol. So for me that means Monday and Tuesday are super clean days. Salads, no carbs, and no alcohol. But… that means the rest of the 5 days I can relax and not have any guilt. When it’s 30 degrees outside, there’s something about drinking a Mike’s Hard Lemonade that makes me think of summer and warmer days to come.

Take Life, Tailored to the Next Level

With the goal of making 2016 Life, Tailored’s year, we launched our Destination Editorial to Thailand in May, and we’re inviting investors and advisors to join us.

I’m sure we’ll add to this list as the year goes on, but for your benefit, make sure to always be working to make each day better than the previous.

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