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Most Valuable and Expensive Sneakers

Did you know that the global athletic footwear market has reached nearly 100 billion dollars this year? The demand for the most expensive sneakers is set to consistently grow by at least 5.9% annually.

The luxury footwear market with valuable sneakers worth the most has a lot of influence and appeal over an exclusive customer pool, despite the exorbitant prices.

If you want to add more value to your sneaker collection to establish a social hierarchy, here is all the information you need about the world’s best luxury footwear.

Why Buy Expensive Sneakers?

It is no secret that types of sneakers with the highest prices are crafted according to the highest standards of excellence. This is because handmaking shoes is an art that is rooted in decades of traditions.

This is a valuable skill that demands certain patience to create the shoe. You would be surprised to know that sneakers worth the most can take weeks to design and make, while the cheaper ones are mass-produced.

Imagine going out with your friends wearing a pair of sneakers that will catch everyone’s attention. People will automatically ask you where you got your hands on such a unique pair and how much they cost.

Besides fashion, a well-made pair of sneakers also provide a lot of padding and support. Instead of collecting blisters, you will feel that your feet get hugged instead of constricted.

This is because higher-priced sneakers are built on the foundations of high construction, balanced arch support, and quality. The heels of your sneakers will be positioned well.

They will let your feet be supported in a way where your body’s weight will be centered with every step you take. Remember that poorly fitted sneakers are unfashionable and can affect how you carry yourself. People around you will be able to sense your confidence with each stride.

Types of sneakers reflect the person who is wearing them. The color you choose and how you wear it will describe your preferences and sophisticated tastes to those around you.

Sneakers Worth the Most

The first type of sneaker worth adding to your collection is the Jordan 14. These are modeled on superstar Michael Jordan’s favorite Ferrari 550. Every single design element evokes the feeling of fast cars and extreme speed.

Inspired by the tires of supercars, these sneakers’ rubber heel panels and deluxe quilted uppers will always make you think of Ferrari’s iconic Italian interiors.

The Air Jordan 14 comes fastened with breathable mesh vents on the outsole. These are the most comfortable models from the Jordan collection. If you are into these low-cut and valuable aerodynamic sneakers exclusively built for speed, you can get Jordan 14 here.

Yeezy Boost Wave Runner

These were initially launched in 2017 through celebrity Kanye West’s Yeezy supply site.

They are excellent pairs to celebrate the silhouette that harmoniously blends colors, materials, and the most comfortable boost cushioning that will make your feet feel like they are bouncing on pillows.

The Yeezy Boost Wave Runners showcases sophisticated, high-quality leather, suede, and reflective materials. The next time you wear a pair like these, always ensure that you take powerful strides and let your loved ones feel jealous for a day.

Nike Airforce 270

These valuable sneakers are worth the higher price tag thanks to their stylish look, comfort, wearability, and perfect proportions, making them so popular in the market.

They can be paired with any outfit, which makes them versatile. No matter what you want to wear, these sneakers will boost your look to make fashion waves. They can quickly become the shoes of the moment with everyone’s eyes on your feet.

Although many luxury sneakers are entering the market, these Nikes will consistently take first place in the brand’s top-selling footwear. They will always be in style, and you never have to worry about them becoming “uncool.”

New Balance 860

These are the sneakers you must have if you are big about comfort. From the moment you slip them on, you will feel an immediate hug-like fit in the heels.

These will then widen out into the sneakers’ sole and midsole areas. New Balance provides a wide fit but not much to cause foot slippage.

These pairs also have the perfect feel with the lacing system. You will inevitably feel a bounce with each stride, making running and jogging more enjoyable.

Nike Air Pegasus

When it comes to sneakers worth the most, nothing beats Nike’s engineering and designs to provide a wide range of footwear. They always accommodate the needs of diverse consumers, mainly because the sneakers also focus on practicality.

The Nike Pegasus stands out as a member of the Air Zoom range. It is distinct and famous thanks to its unique performance and features. This lightweight brand has been redesigned with a thinner mesh to provide excellent ventilation.

Then your feet can always stay dry and cool even if you do any intense activities. These shoes will also bring a lot of flexibility thanks to their broader bands at the midfoot and foam cushion that comes with its own sidewall pattern.

Build the Best Sneaker Collection

Now that you know all about the best expensive sneakers and why they are worth the high price, it is time to go shopping to boost your sneaker collection.

Luxury sneakers are an essential facet of fashion and elegance. You are not simply buying a product. You are investing in durability and maximum comfort with a stunning look that will have everyone’s attention at your feet.

Nothing beats the qualities and status of wearing a new fresh pair of Jordan 14 or Yeezy 700.

Besides having something on your feet while you walk, you are part of a culture where you always get your hands on the finest accessories that the fashion world has to offer. If you enjoyed reading this valuable sneakers guide, check out some of our other posts for more information.

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