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Michigan Tourist Attractions You Must Visit

When planning a vacation trip to Michigan, you have to rack your brains seriously. The state that epitomizes the whole of The Great Lakes Region has a lot to offer. Of course, first of all, Michigan is rich in picturesque lakes and forests, extensive beaches, and hotel infrastructure. However, some places interest lovers of history, gambling, winter sports, and much more. We tried to make it easy for you and narrowed down the choice to 5 tourist places that you should take advantage of the opportunity to visit.

Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort

For many tourists, the good news is that there are about 30 legal land-based casinos in the state. Soaring Eagle is one of the largest. The entire complex occupies 210,000 sq. ft. It includes 2 hotels with almost 800 hundred rooms, restaurants, a lounge bar, swimming pools, a water park, golf courses, and a spa center. Therefore, Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort is quite suitable for families. And fans of gambling entertainment can enjoy cutting-edge slot machines, 60 tables with blackjack, roulette, poker, and much more.

Even if all these services do not make a land-based casino attractive enough for you, this is not a reason to deny yourself gambling entertainment. You can replace visits to Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort with visits to virtual BTC poker rooms since online gambling is legal throughout Michigan.

Great Lakes Bay

This is an excellent choice to visit if you are looking for a family or romantic getaway. Of course, places for a comfortable stay with beautiful views can be found within a couple of hours’ drive from New York. However, the Great Lakes Bay area offers more options. In central Michigan, there are several points that tourists must visit:

  • Bay City is near the Hudson and has an impressive waterfront, antique shops, and restaurants.
  • Birch Run combines the famous shopping centers with calm “village” surroundings.
  • Frankenmuth is a town with the fabulous architecture of old Germany, which immediately evokes associations with Christmas.

Fans of walks are advised to head to Midland. Here you can enjoy Dow Gardens, the longest walking trail in the US, covering 54 acres of woods, waterways, and an apple orchard.

Sleeping Bear Dunes

This West Coast National Park is integral to Michigan’s cultural and natural heritage. During the summer, this vast area of about 700,000 acres attracts tourists who prefer kayaking, camping, and swimming. And, of course, it is worth going here to explore the sand dunes, which rise to 300 feet. If you do not dare to climb them, the tiring climb can be replaced by a trip along Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. There are 12 viewing platforms along the route. They will be able to appreciate the beauty of the views.

The charm of local beaches and streams does not disappear even in winter. When the dunes in the glacier region are covered with snow, visitors have a great opportunity to slide down them on a sled. 

Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is the best place to hide from the noise of megacities and watch the enchanting sunsets over the water’s surface. Previously, this piece of land in the strait between Lake Huron and Michigan, the island was of great commercial importance, and life was in full swing on it. Now it is a very peaceful space. Since the end of the 19th century, cars and most other mechanical transport have been banned here. There are only two ways to get to Mackinac Island – by plane on a charter flight and by high-speed ferry. On the island, horse-drawn carts and bicycles have become the most popular modes of transport for tourists and locals. 

Of the exciting entertainment for guests, activities such as sightseeing by boats and planes, horseback riding, golf, spa, and massage stand out.

Due to the abundance of important historical sites, the entire island is included in the National Historic Landmark. Be sure to set aside time to visit Fort Mackinac, which witnessed the events of the American Revolution of 1812.

With the status of a National Monument, there are no chain hotels on the island. The right choice for settling in is the historic Grand Hotel. The complex is located on a convenient top point, which offers an overview of the landscaped gardens.

Upper Peninsula

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula will be a delightful discovery for fans of winter activities. Here, heavy snowfalls accompany every cold season. The local landscape creates excellent conditions for skiing. There are about a dozen high-level ski resorts to choose from. The terrain also offers good opportunities for ice climbing. 

For those who prefer the safest skiing options, there are cross-country skiing trails. They stretch for many kilometers through the picturesque forests of the Upper Peninsula. For a fun time, you can also choose dog sledding trips.

The Upper Peninsula has something to offer guests who prefer a tranquil holiday. While walking on snowshoes, you can fully appreciate the waterfalls frozen in ice and bright rocky landscapes with lighthouses on the coasts. 

There is no shortage of comfortable hotels in this part of Michigan. Therefore, you will be happy to relax, whether you choose a quiet or active holiday.

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