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Manor DAO May Just Be The Best NFT Ever

Sure, sex is nice, but have you ever owned your Mansion? That’s the premise of Manor DAO. By holding one of their NFTs, you get access to the life that only the rich and famous can live.

Afternoons spent sipping champagne and snacking on caviar while a pool boy (or girl) serves you something lovely poolside.

Here’s everything you need to know to get in first when Manor DAO mints and what to know as a holder of the best NFT ever.


What is Manor DAO?

Manor DAO is a branching storyline about luck, strength, know-how and the magic that occurs when a collection of extreme characters join together to buy a goddamn manor.


How is Poolsuite?

Holding the one-of-one Poolsuite Patron card signifies “elite internet status” and crowns the owner as the one true patron of the Poolsuite Internet Leisure Organization. This NFT can be connected to your account at to unlock perks, including first access to all Poolsuite projects.

Poolsuite – Executive Member NFTs were sold 113 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for Poolsuite – Executive Member was $953.47k. The average price of one Poolsuite – Executive Member NFT was $8.4k. There are 1,917 Poolsuite – Executive Member owners, owning a total supply of 2,500 tokens.

The Executive Member collection is 2,500 NFTs. A smaller more exclusive Poolsuite-Pool Member collection has only 250 NFTs.

Formerly known as Poolside FM, the company changed its name to Poolsuite and is becoming increasingly more well-known as a pool themed lifestyle brand offering a themed playlist. Poolsuite also branched out into the suntan lotion business recently with Vacation, a new spinoff business line. The company said it has hundreds of thousands of listeners on the internet and Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) products.


Who are the members of Manor DAO?


NFTs are a big business, with about $25 billion being spent on them in 2021. But despite all that money flying about, nonfungible tokens have yet to enter mainstream culture. Tens of millions have heard about NFTs, but only a fraction could describe what they actually are — much less name any. Yet if there’s one brand that’s transcended NFT culture, even in minor ways, it’s the Manor Dao.

You’ve probably seen one, even if you didn’t realize you were looking at a pricey NFT.

Manor Dao owners currently using their NFT as a Twitter profile picture. They are one of the most influential lads on this planet. You can also become apart of this awesome community.


What happens at Manor DAO?

The Poolsuite Internet Leisure Corporation’s Executives are ecstatic to announce our first step into hospitality, with the purchase of a beautiful manor house by the community, supported by the selling of VIRTUAL ARTWORKS.

Our objective is to usher in the next legendary guesthouse, inspired by the Chateau Marmont, Hotel Il Pellicano, Pikes Ibiza, and Hotel Costes. The Manor will serve as a playground for numerous creative and recreational escapades, guaranteed to be revealed in many a tell-all memoir for decades, thanks to its striking architecture and revolving door of ECLECTIC GUESTS.

The most pleasing aspects will be selected in partnership with you, our FOUNDING SOCIETY, through vibrant online symposia, from site to decor to the naming of its resident pet.

We urge you to imagine ornately tiled swimming pools…Lambrusco brunches…the purr of a 1978 Mercedes-Benz 350SL pulling up on hot gravel, nodding to the work of our glamorously weird muses – Slim Aarons’ photographs, Jayne Mansfield’s pink hole, and Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary. Our Manor uses the past to shape the future, resulting in a location where time no longer exists. Dare to meet with the Manor since fortune favors the courageous.

What kind of Mansion is Manor DAO?


Manor DAO is a modern tale of luck, grit, know-how, and the magic that arises when an assortment of eccentric characters come together to own a goddamn manor.

How can I get on the Manor DAO Waitlist?

The NFT drop offered “Executive Member” cards and represented the platform’s transition to a Web3 institution under the name Poolsuite Internet Leisure Corporation. If you were a buyer, you are considered a founding member of The Poolsuite and, according to the microsite, Poolsuite will show you “an exceptional time throughout your membership and shower you with perks and gratitude commensurate with your status as a founding member.”

NFT-holder perks include early access to projects and tokens, a VIP version of the popular Poolsuite streaming app, and members’ merchandise, with more member announcements reportedly on the way.

You can get to the Manor DAO waitlist by joining the Manor DAO website.

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