It Takes Just 3 Things to Crush Valentine’s Day This Year

Valentine’s Day is a TON of pressure, and speaking from experience, I have definitely failed to live up to expectations on more than one ocassion.

That’s why I’ve put together this guide, to ensure you nail V-Day.

I’m featuring my top picks from Mr. P, timeless luxury pieces, sourced from the most sought-after craftspeople in the world. I’ve partnered with Mr. Porter because I am always finding the best style inspiration from their newsletters and their collection of menswear, home goods and everything a man needs to be great is what they carry.

1. Keep it Familiar

Women love when you remember little details that they’ve shared with you. Before my first date with Wei, I remembered that on her Sorority website, it said that she “loved sushi”. So when planning our first date, I made sure to book us a sushi restaurant.

This year, since we can’t really go out like we used to, I’m ordering in sushi.

So when planning your food for the evening, try to think back to her favorite food, restaurant, dessert or anything that she’s mentioned in the past that she probably thinks you forgot, and surprise her.

2. Dress the Part

Even if you have the best wardrobe, chances are she’s seen everything you’ve got and is no longer impressed.

Show her you put in the extra effort to plan a special night by investing in a new outfit just for the big day.

I love the versatility of these polos from Mr. P and Orlebar Brown.

They match pretty much everything and best of all, they’re super comfortable.

Bonus points if you pick her favorite color for the shirt you’re wearing, like this new pink number they just dropped.

3. Start off with some bubbly

There’s no better way to turn an ordinary moment into a celebration than by popping some bubbly.

The sound that cork makes when you open it up gets me every time, and she’ll surely be impressed and ready for everything else that’s to come.

This Perrier-Jouët rosé is floral yet masculine at the same time and its available for under $100.

Cheers, my friend.

Andrew Wise

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Andrew Wise

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