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Hypervolt Review: 3 Years of Daily Use and My Recommendation Is…

I’ll be conducting a Hypervolt review of all its three models. Why me? Well, because I have used them all and have boiled down to one, which I’ll be sharing towards the end, so stick with me here. 

I won’t talk about the kind of pain you can experience from a small strain while running or a muscle pull while trying the heaviest’ weight lift among the team. 

Pain is there, but as with all bad things, it’s temporary. Even better, when you have a percussive massager in your hands, it’ll go away even quicker. Massage therapy is a popular method of relieving muscle tension and pain.

The good thing is that you don’t need a professional to see results, though. Massage guns, also known as percussive massagers, deliver quick bursts of pressure into your muscle tissue.

Hyperice provides three different massage gun types, each with somewhat different characteristics. It’s imperative to use them the right way or risk causing damage. 

What is Hyperice? 

Starting with our Hyperice Hypervolt review, let’s understand the brand first through its brief history. 

Hyperice has been working since 2010. It is a percussion, thermal, and vibration technology firm specializing in global recovery and mobility augmentation.

The Hypervolt percussion massage guns were invented by the company to provide athletes and sports persons with at-home remedies for non-severe myofascial pain.

Gradually, the Hypervolts became a part of every individual’s fitness regime, including me. 

Before moving on with the Hypervolt review, let’s understand why percussive massagers work. Percussion devices like a Hypervolt nurture your tissues and sore muscles at home. 

This is the work done by a professional massager or a therapist. However, if you are dealing with severe pain or strains, it is best to visit a therapist than work with a percussive massager at home. 

Let’s move ahead to our Hyperice Hypervolt review and talk about each Hypervolt model in detail. 

Hypervolt Review of All Models



Hypervolt (Bluetooth) – First Impression


The Hypervolt device, as well as all of its attachments and chargers, are housed in the box. I have seen other models of massage guns, and the packaging could have been done better. 

The size was a bit larger than what I expected it to be, but it’s manageable. It seemed a little heavy at first, but I prefer the added weight because it forces you to use less of your own strength while massaging.

There were five Hypervolt attachments, all of which are made of the same plastic material, except for the round attachment, which is made from foam. 

To be honest with you, my first experience with the Hypervolt was not that great. I sincerely hoped for better quality. But let’s see how it performs and can the performance compensates for the underwhelming first experience in the following sections of the Hypervolt review. 

Hypervolt Bluetooth Feature Review






Quiet Motor: The other massage guns I have used make a lot of noise, but not this one.  Hypervolt employs a powerful, high-torque motor with Quiet Glide technology without the high-power drawback.

Adjustable Speed: Hypervolt can provide 3200 pulses per minute at its fastest setting, 2400 pulses at its second setting, and 1800 pulses at its slowest.

Five Attachments: Before doing this Hypervolt review, I checked all five attachments that came with the box. The best part is that every attachment takes care of a different type of muscle. 

The flatheads are designed to target pain in the chest, calves, and muscle regions adjacent to them. The circular cushion head is the softest and greatest for easing tension in the quadriceps and traps.

The fork attachments can also be used to target high-tension regions around the forearm and pain in the feet.

Pressure Sensor Technology: This massage gun has three different settings, allowing you to customize your massage to energize, loosen, or calm muscles.

These sensors help you decide how much pressure and percussion is required for the muscles. The massage gun tells you the amount of pressure it is applying so that you can adjust accordingly. 

What I Liked About Hypervolt?

I love that this Hyperice percussive massager has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to link your device to the Hyperice smartphone app. This gives access to additional services, such as well-being programs and warm-ups. 

Before moving to the Hypervolt Go review, here are a few other things you need to know about this massager. 

The Hypervolt Bluetooth version is a travel-friendly and lightweight machine. People of any age and fitness level can use it; trust me, I have asked everyone in my family to give this one a go. It works for all of them. 

The rechargeable and detachable lithium-ion battery in the Hypervolt massage gun provides over 3 hours of operation for each charging. When it comes to a warranty if the product has a problem due to material or workmanship, Hyperice provides a one-year warranty. 

But make sure to read the conditions before claiming a warranty on the massager, it might save you from some embarrassment. 

Hypervolt Go Review – First Impression

The box that I got for Hypervolt Go was a bit smaller than its other models. So, this one is a small-sized percussive massager. 

Because the Hypervolt Go is smaller and lighter than the other types, it may be better suitable for consumers who plan to use it frequently outside of their house. 

I also noticed that this model has a small (smallest of all three) motor. But while using them simultaneously, I got the same speed as the others. So, it’s all good till here. 

My Hypervolt review for this version is that it’s a sleek and powerful machine. I carried it along for a week to the gym, to the ground, etc. There are two head attachments, which means that I can customize my massage therapy on the go. 

The attachments could have been more, but looking at the price, I think two are also great. 

Hypervolt Go Feature Review



Brushless Motor: The GO is powered by Hyperice’s brushless motor. The GO’s 40W model is powerful and reliable. 

It also uses the same QuietGlide technology as the other Hypervolts, so you can use it before your early morning run without disturbing anyone in the house. 

Dual Attachments: The attachments are designed for different sections of the body, but when used together, they help cover any ache you may have. 

One of the Hyperice heads has a flatter surface that is good for larger areas such as the chest, back, and quads. I particularly loved using this attachment for the lower back, specifically to help my stiff hamstrings after working out. 

The bullet attachment is characterized by small and has rounded edges. It was a relief using this on my shoulders and hips, especially when stretching didn’t work. 

Speed Control: Down to the last part of the Hypervolt review, I was able to tweak its speed under three settings going all the way to 3200 percussions per minute. Whoo! At that rate, I was elated to use this powerful beauty. 

What I Liked About Hypervolt Go?

If you trust my Hypervolt review, this piece is great for those who like to pack light and need a lightweight personal massager in their bag or their pockets; yes, it’s that compact. 

It’s like Percussion on the go, The GO. This massager adheres to your active lifestyle. The Hypervolt GO gives substantial relief at home or on the road, thanks to its astonishing power and near-silent operation.

The Hypervolt Go is, hands down, one of the best portable handheld gadgets for relieving pain. 

Hypervolt Plus Review – First Impression

With this one, I feel that Hyperice took the original Hypervolt and increased the power by 50%while maintaining the motor noise. The company says that it’s a 30% increase, but I feel that it’s 50%. 

The Quiet Glide technology rules in this machine, too, giving it a quiet operation. The Hypervolt Plus, in particular, has a pleasant weight to it that feels excellent in hand. I wanted to mention this point for every Hypervolt, but let’s talk about it here. 

These massagers have an L-shape. This makes it easy to navigate and reach those hard-to-reach areas like my lower back and shoulder blades. This is an incredible benefit for tall people. 

Right after opening the box, I held it in my hand and could feel the premium-ness of the device. Yes, it’s a bit heavy on the price; I thought the same initially. But the price justifies how it holds in your hand and how it works. 

When in use, the Hypervolt Plus is also surprisingly quiet, thanks to its Quiet Glide patented technology, which allows you to utilize it without making a lot of noise. With nearly two hours of use on a single charge, you’ll be able to keep the relief going for a long time.

Hypervolt Plus Feature Review



Low Noise Operation: Another amazing device by Hypervolt that has low noise, especially when compared to the other percussive massagers in the market. 

I have also used Hypervolt’s immediate competitor, Theragun, and the former has a much lower noise. 

Again, as I have mentioned in the previous Hypervolt review, this massager is also powered by Hyperice’s QuiteGlide Technology. 

Three-Speed Function: This percussive massager boasts a three-speed function. You can set it according to the requirements and depending on the workout intensity. 

I normally use the medium speed, which is great for relief from pain and stiff muscles, especially on the days when I overdo my regular routine. 

Out of all three settings, my favorite is the first setting, which is ideal for arms, traps, and shoulders. 

The third setting is highly beneficial for butt, hips, and quads. Let me conclude this section of the Hyperice Hypervolt review with a nice hack. 

Use the Hypervolt Plus before going to bed. You’ll get a more restful and calm night of sleep. 

What I like about Hypervolt Plus?

On the back of the Hypervolt Plus are pressure sensor LEDs. I love these small and smart lights. They provide information on how much pressure you’re applying and how hard you should push to obtain the same results next time. Isn’t that amazing?

It’s a great feature that works well with the Hyperice app, which works in tandem with the gun to walk you through tailored recovery routines.

This one is a heavy machine that weighs about 3lbs. For some, it might not be a great thing, but if you think about it, being heavier means you won’t need to push or apply more pressure than necessary. 

You’ll get the full set of attachments with the massager along with a separate pouch to store the attachments. 

So, What Do I Recommend After Hypervolt Review?


I wrote this review on Hypervolt massage guns after using all three models. My recommendation is simple if you can spare some bucks, go for the Hypervolt Bluetooth or Hypervolt Plus. 

Both these models may ask for more money; they are worth the cost. While the QuiteGlide technology is present in all the models, these two offer something extra. 

You’ll get pressure sensor technology and speed control. Even for a beginner who might not want to use these features from the get-go, once you learn how to use them properly, having the option to use them is good. 

If you want to choose between these two, then I would recommend the Hypervolt Bluetooth. It’s a better model out of all the three percussive massagers.

As for the Hypervolt Go is concerned, it’s not a bad choice, but if you want more features and better control of your percussive massaging, choose either one of the other models. 

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