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How to Shop While You’re Traveling

Many Americans that live in smaller cities or in the countryside spend time on vacation in large urban areas for fun, attractions, and to get a chance to go shopping in an area that offers goods and services that they can’t get at home. After all, Armani fashion stores do not grow on trees and neither do Tony Lama boots. Here are some of the most popular shopping trip getaways:
Milan: For over a thousand years, Milan has been a center of fashion and shopping for people all over Europe and now the world. Inside the city, there are two streets in particular that focus on providing a showcase for this season’s high fashion clothing. For people that are traveling on a budget, one positive is that one of the streets has discount stores that provide the same level of fashion at a lower price. Milan also features some of the best venues for purchasing food and wine in Northern Italy. If you plan to pick up cheese, proscuitto, or wine from Franciacorta or San Colombano al Lambro, there are several stores and restaurants downtown where you can do so. Or you can arrange for a day trip out of the city to visit the vineyards or places that artisan foods are made.

New York: New York is a mecca for Americans who like to shop during the day and then enjoy a Broadway show or other type of performance in the evening. If it is your first time, relying on expert advice like Hipmunk’s guide to NYC hotels in New York will help you find a hotel that meets your requirements. Once you arrive, you will find that the city is similar to Milan in that the latest fashion is available in bulk. For dining, you will find that there are some of the most renowned Pizza places and Delis in the United States. New York is also the center of the United States when it comes to art museums and galleries. You can view and buy more art there than you can in any other city.

Miami: Believe it or not, because of its location as a hub for Latin America and Europe, Miami also has a very large art scene that is an attraction for those on shopping visits. Visitors are also able to enjoy greater choice in food and ingredients from the Caribbean. When the shopping day is over, the beaches are available- and are better than they are in many cities.

Shopping travel is a rite of passage for many people who do not live in large urban centers. Finding a guide or expert source that can help you understand more detailed information about a city and its hotels and shopping can be a great way of saving time and money.

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