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How to Roll Up Your Shirt Sleeves: Men’s Style Guide

How to Roll Your Sleeves: Basic Guidelines


There are various distinctive styles for rolled sleeves; we’ll discuss three of the most popular in just a moment.

To start with, here are some essential rules for any style of rolled sleeve:

  • You never want your rolled sleeve to look as though it is a necessity because your shirt is too big for you. Make sure that your rolled sleeve goes a bit above the wrist, at least.
  • Your lower arms should be showing, but make it a point to keep the pointy, external bone of your elbow inside of the shirt. This should be your rolling stopping point.
  • Suit and sport coats should not be rolled unless the dress code calls for something more casual.

Although it is always dependent on the type of shirt and style, these 3 rules almost universally work for any occasion.


Rolling Method #1: The Casual Forearm Roll

An easygoing, almost effortless, shirt roll that helps to avoid wrinkles:

  1. Unfasten the sleeve.
  2. Flip the sleeve back to front.


3.Crease over once, concealing the sleeve behind a band of sleeve texture.


4.Stop there, tucking the sides of the sleeve in conveniently.

The outcome ought to be a solitary little move around the center of your lower arm. It should be tight completely on its own because it is now as far down the arm as it will slide. This is an especially decent style to use when you have numerous layers included — for example, a dress shirt under a light sweater. As an added bonus, it adds some bulk and looks exceptionally good on men who have thin arms.

Rolling Method #2: The Master Sleeve Roll

This sleeve roll gives you an intentionally easygoing fold that is not exactly symmetrical and can be balanced freely:

  1. Unfasten the sleeve and gauntlet catches.


2. Flip the sleeve back and back to front.


3. Pull the flipped sleeve the distance to simply beneath your elbow without collapsing, turning the sleeve back to front as it goes.


4. Take the base of the back to front part and overlap it up until it traps the base of the sleeve.


5. Leave as much or as little of the interior design showing as you’d like.

This looks especially striking when the inside of the sleeve has a different lining. Allow the internal sleeve to show off the covering, making it clear that you’re purposely flaunting the shirt’s inside lining. As an added bonus, it’s extremely easy to unroll — simply pull and you’re finished. .

Rolling Method #3: The Basic Roll


This style is the most instinctive approach to rolling your sleeves and works best if you are doing something that requires your sleeves be up past your elbow and out of the way.

  1. Unfasten the shirt sleeve and any gauntlet catches.
  2. Flip the sleeve back to front.
  3. Overlay back, using the sleeve to set the width.
  4. Keep collapsing until the band of moved fabric is simply beneath your elbow.
  5. Proceed past your elbow until you are comfortable with the sleeve length.
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