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How to Prepare for a Traveling Lifestyle

If you dream of traveling the world, you might wonder how you can fit this into your lifestyle. Unless you’re independently wealthy, this might just continue to seem like a distant dream. You may assume that at least until you retire, you will always need to squeeze travel into your two-week vacations. However, you can actually make travel a part of your life with the tips below.

Get Your Degree

The first step is to get your degree. This might be in a field related to the travel career you will pursue, such as a bachelor’s in international business, but it could also be a degree in something unrelated. What’s important is that you have a college degree because it will be difficult for you to get jobs abroad without one, and you will need to work in order to sustain long-term travel. It might seem like you should put all of your money toward travel and not school, but this is a short-term solution. A degree will give you an important credential for the long term.

As for the cost of education, you can look into scholarships and grants. You can consider Earnest student loans, a private lender where you can apply online and get a quick response. There are also student credit card options if they’ve got no credit.

International Business

Getting a degree in international business and pursuing a business career is one way to see the world. There are several different options in working for businesses with an international angle. First, you may be based in the United States but travel frequently for business. Secondly, you may work for a U.S. company that has foreign branches. Finally, you might travel to another country and get hired directly there. Solid language skills can be helpful in the last instance.

Foreign Service and Development Work

Another option is working for the foreign service or doing development work. For the former, you will need to pass a test on general knowledge of world affairs among other requirements, and you may have little or no say into where you are placed. For the latter, you may focus on a specific region on the world or on specific projects, such as getting running water to remote villages or on women’s development. A stint as a Peace Corps volunteer after college is one good way to prepare for both of these career paths.

Be a Digital Nomad

Many companies today allow you to work remotely, or you may want to start your own company. If you want to have the freedom to move around a lot, working as a digital nomad may be the right choice for you. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection to stay connected and work your way around the world. Do some research and plan for the financial aspect. Some of the best credit cards can help make your nomadic lifestyle affordable, always look for freebies before digging into your savings.


Teaching is another great way to see the world. If you are already a certified teacher, you could work in international schools or for the Department of Defense, teaching the children of people in the military. Another option is teaching English as a foreign language. While you may be able to pick up some work without formal training, you should look into certification if you want to make this a long-term career.

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