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How To Make A White Paper Template For Sustainable Fashion

In a very short time, sustainable fashion has become a mainstream issue in the fashion industry. One driving force behind this fact is the rising tension between consumers and brands who want to be able to see where their products come from and what goes into them. And with this, there are more and more fashion brands who are sustainably producing their products.

The people are worried about the environment, animal rights, working conditions for employees, everyone is worried about something different. And because of that comes an increased demand for products that don’t involve slavery or animal slaughter. But how can you be sure that your product is 100% sustainable? One way to answer this question is by using a white paper template for sustainable fashion. What is the white paper? This document can include a lot of information, particularly about sustainable fashion. Here are some of them.

1)  Sustainable Fashion Report For White Paper Project

In any white paper template for sustainable fashion, the product’s sustainability should be well described and explained. And so a report is a very good way to do it. This document will answer all questions about the garment, where it comes from, and what goes into producing it. If this is done right, you will have a great tool to inform your public.


2) Sustainable Fashion Statement

If you are already selling products, use the template to prove that you are doing sustainable fashion right. This way, you can show it to all the people who buy from you and want their money to go into something good. Use some of the statements at the end of this article for inspiration about what you can write.

3) Sustainable Fashion Story

Create a beautiful booklet with the best parts of your product’s story and share it with everyone interested. It can be very creative if done right, but remember to keep it as simple as possible.

You can use a mindmap online on Venngage to create this.

4) Sustainable Fashion Guide In Line With The White Paper Definition

Another way of using the template is by creating a guide on how to make sustainable choices in fashion. Make it as easy as possible so all kinds of people can understand it. You can even use this for your employees, so they know exactly what you stand for and have no questions about being part of something good.

5) Sustainable Fashion Manifesto

This is a strong statement on how you want your brand to act in the future. This will guide everyone who works for or is part of your brand and set some rules for it all along the way. For example; make sure every product has an environmental impact report with it, or that you use only vegan-friendly materials.


6) Sustainable Fashion Pledge

The pledge is one of the most straightforward ways to use a white paper template for sustainable fashion. All you have to do is set out some rules for your brand and make sure everyone involved follows them. It can be very easy if you just leave it to the most basic rules, but it can be very hard if you go for all of them.

7) Sustainable Fashion Declaration

When you want to be serious about your sustainable fashion practices, use this. Using a template for a declaration will make sure everyone knows what kind of rules you set and make it very official. It is the hardest one to go through and can be very difficult if done wrong, but when done right and with all the details in it, it will prove you are doing your best.

8) Sustainable Fashion Contract In A White Paper Example

If you want to make sure your business is protected, this way of doing it is the best. It’s like a pledge but with contracts and rules that aren’t very easy to break. If you choose to use the white paper template for sustainable fashion in this way, make sure everything is well thought through and you contact a lawyer if necessary.

9) Sustainable Fashion Policy

A policy is the easiest way to use a white paper template for sustainable fashion. It’s like a statement, but it will not be as official and won’t have all the emotional impact of using a declaration. A policy can be very useful if you’re at an early stage and still want to inform your public, but don’t want to make it too big of a deal.


You now know how to write a white paper. Remember, when using the template for any of these methods; use your ideas and language. You can even get inspiration from other companies that are already doing amazing things with sustainable fashion. And if you need some examples on how to word things correctly, just have a look at the Sustainable Fashion Statements at the end of this article.

Do not only use the template to inform your public, but also to connect with it. By using words that are easy for them to understand, you will be able to create a lasting relationship between you and your customer base.

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