How to Have a Happy, Healthy Open Relationship

Although there will always be those out there who think traditional approaches to relationships are the only valid ones, the truth is consenting adults can have pretty much any type of relationship that works for them. For example, they can embrace sugaring instead of traditional dating, and they can opt for an open relationship over a traditional closed relationship, as well.

In fact, there’s a lot to love about open relationships if they turn out to be right for you. They take the pressure off of people to be “everything” to their partner, and they give both parties in a relationship more freedom to love and be loved in a way that works for them. Here are some tips for establishing and having a happy, healthy open relationship with your supportive sugardaddy.

Start with a frank talk

As is the case with almost any aspect of having a healthy, harmonious sugar relationship, changes to terms you and your sugardaddy have previously agreed upon should start with an honest discussion. So pick an appropriate time to bring it up when you both have plenty of time and emotional energy to talk about it.

Granted, not everyone loves the idea of an open relationship – especially if they’re the traditional type – so be sensitive as far as how you bring up wanting to try one. But do be crystal clear about what you want and why. If your sugardaddy is on board, then great. But if not, drop the idea for now in favor of other ways you might be able to get what you want out of your relationship.

Come up with ground rules together

Contrary to popular belief, open relationships are not simply free-for-all relationships where there are no rules and everyone involved simply does as they please. As any sugar dater knows, all healthy relationships have rules and boundaries. They’re just rules the couple decides on together, as opposed to the same stale, tired rules society says people should live by.

Ground rules are especially important in open relationships, though, as they’re the best way to avoid hurt feelings and harmful assumptions. So sit down together and decide what those rules should look like collectively. Every couple should come up with their own guidelines, but some common ones many couples in open relationships follow include:

  • No outside sex at home or in your shared bedroom (if you live together)
  • No emotional connections – physical sex only
  • The person’s partner must agree on any outside sex or relationships
  • Safe sex must be practiced at all times without exception
  • Outside sex can’t interfere with the primary relationship in any way

You should also decide how much (if anything) you and your sugardaddy will share about additional partners or outside sexual activity. Some couples like to discuss everything, but others prefer a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach.

Take things slowly at first

Even if one or both of you have been in open relationships before, it’s essential to keep in mind that your current sugardaddy and relationship are unique. So start your adventure into the wonderful world of open relationships at a slow pace, and consider what might make this period easiest for both of you.

For example, many couples in open relationships decide to test the waters by bringing a third person into their bed and playing together first. If that goes well and both people like the experience, then they start venturing out on their own in search of outside adventures.

Remember changing your mind is an option

The same goes for your sugardaddy. So as with anything new the two of you might do in your relationship, make sure you’re touching base with one another often. If one or both of you ever decide that the rules you agreed upon together aren’t working, you certainly wouldn’t be the first couple who had. And you can renegotiate as often as you need to.

So don’t be afraid to speak up if something isn’t gelling for you, and encourage your sugardaddy to do the same. Sometimes things sound good on paper at first but turn out not to be a fit, and that’s OK. And you and your sugardaddy will change as time goes by, too, so it makes sense that you might have to reevaluate your relationship ground rules periodically.

Remember, consent is crucial when it comes to anything you and your sugardaddy do or try together, including opening up your relationship. So if being open no longer works for you at any point, it’s not only OK but preferable to close your relationship again.

Ultimately, open relationships need both people involved to be happy with things to work out. They’re also about working together, being considerate of one another, and building something together that you can both be happy with.

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