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How To Build, Engage & Monetize Your Social Media Following In 2022

Digital marketing took over the traditional way of promoting goods long ago. Its efficacy and affordability are two among a dozen reasons that make digital marketing widely employed these days. And although a bunch of digital marketing components exists, social media is the thing that can work wonders in any business.


We spend plenty of time browsing news feeds, commenting, and reading posts on social media. And these actions make social networks the perfect venue for doing business. But make no mistake, profiting from social media is not easy. You can’t just roll out a post once in a while and anticipate your followers piling up. 


Building, engaging, and monetizing social media following requires time and effort. You need to have a multifaceted approach toward social media, i.e., consider the audience, content, and visuals. And while some are quickly manageable, for example, with this free animation maker online, other steps call for intensive work.



Social media is dominant, but why?

As said above, social media is an excellent venue for interactions, discussions, and business. Social platforms have undergone tremendous changes. And apart from becoming more usable and pleasant (visually speaking), they have also become more effective, which is particularly important for businesses. 


Nowadays, social platforms’ algorithms allow brands to reach far more people, boosting profits and recognition. Businesses that don’t use social media encounter a drop in sales. Why? People tend to research products before purchasing them. They scrutinize brands’ websites and social media profiles, compare prices and comments, and only then make a purchase. So clearly, brands that only operate offline-even if their products and prices are competitive-are left behind. 


Take one step at a time

So, you are ready to kick off your social media journey. Where do you start? Does creating profiles on multiple platforms make sense, or is it better to focus on a single network? While the answer may vary, we suggest taking one social platform and polishing it to a shine first. Once you learn the ropes of how it works, you can then expand your presence and run a page on a different network. 


With that said, you may wonder what the best social platform to start with is. And again, that depends. To decide on the best network, you first need to research every platform. Get familiar with the features available for your business. It’d also be best to compare them and determine which can bring about the best results. 


Apart from that, remember about your potential followers. Analyze which social networks brands use. If they are successful on, let’s say, Twitter, it can be a sign that Twitter is your go-to. Anyway, make sure to thoroughly inspect and draw conclusions based on it.

Generate genuinely engaging content

Whatever platform you choose, it’s imperative to provide useful content. Many brands fall into the trap of spawning posts without thinking twice about their content. They write about topics that were covered long ago; more so, they don’t provide helpful information but scratch the surface only. 




They also make severe mistakes, resulting in an outflow of followers and customers. If you don’t want to repeat their outcomes, there are a few things you must remember: 

  • Refrain from being too promotional: It can be enticing to promote your products in posts, and there is nothing wrong with it. But don’t succumb to advertising them in every paragraph. Also, don’t idealize your product/service, however competitive it might be.
  • Entertain, educate, share: If you strive to build, engage, and monetize your following, you must bond with your followers and build a solid rapport with them. Doing that with meaningful content is the best way to achieve that. Make sure to generate posts that will amuse your readers, give them food for thought, and provide insights on specific matters.
  • Avoid disseminating CTAs: CTA is king in nudging people to take action. But many brands often exaggerate with this button. While it should appear somewhere in your text, the readers shouldn’t be distracted by CTAs in every section. More on CTA below.

Learn the ropes of copywriting

Whether it’s a simple caption to the photo, a personal story, or an informative post, meeting all the fundamentals of copywriting and building your text around it will boost your page tremendously. 


All you should do is structure your text, breaking it down into coherent, readable paragraphs. Make sure your caption has the three following building blocks:


  • Introduction with a catchy opening
  • Body part explaining the value of your post
  • Conclusion with robust ending and CTA


Create meaningful Call To Actions


While rolling out stunning posts and ads helps you build and engage social media following, it isn’t enough to convert people into faithful customers, thus monetizing your following. Thanks to CTA buttons, you will motivate readers to act and help you achieve your ultimate goal, which can be:


  1. Driving traffic to your website if you have one
  2. Recommending your product objectively and transparently
  3. Promoting/suggesting a service pertinent to your area of operation
  4. Selling leads




Concluding Thoughts

Accumulating followers, engaging them, and monetizing your audience may not look easy. But nor is it too daunting as many portray it. The most important thing to remember is that you must always reward your followers with meaningful, high-quality content regardless of your intentions. Once your posts come in handy, monetizing them will be nothing but a walk in the park.

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