How to Design a Man Cave, No Matter How Small Your House Is


Being an adult sometimes really sucks.

You’ve got a job, bills, and responsibilities. Sometimes there isn’t much room for any fun.

That’s why I like to make time for fun, and what better what to do that than dedicating an entire room (or corner of the room) to games?

I’ve put together a guide on how to setup an ideal man cave or game room, whatever your flavor. man cave ideas

What’s your poison?

First things first, you need to establish which games you’ll be playing in your new games room. Do you want to host poker nights, squeeze in a pool table, or are you more concerned with video games? Once you’ve established what the focus will be, you’ll be able to create that all-important shopping list. Remember, variety is the spice of life! If you have the space, offer up as many different game options as possible.

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Plan a layout

For maximum enjoyment of your gaming arena, you’ll need to make sure you carefully plan where everything will go. Take accurate measurements so you know what will fit where. Always leave ample room to move around, especially if you intend on having a pool, air hockey or table tennis table, and make the most of wall space – if there’s room for a dartboard it would be a real shame not to pop one up.


While many of you will want to keep things simple, it might also be fun to give your games room a theme, especially if you’re redecorating it anyway! The theme can be anything you wish from your favourite gaming posters adorning the walls or sporting memorabilia from your favourite teams, to an all out casino or Star Wars theme. Go nuts! It’s your space to make your own, you might as well make it the best games room it can be.

Time to shop

As soon as you establish how much space you have and where you intend to put everything, you can start splashing out on the furniture, hardware, and software of your dreams. When it comes to video games make sure you get a selection that will please all audiences, including casual gamers who might prefer multi-player games like Mario Kart or Guitar Hero.

Comfort is key

Whether it’s full on gaming chairs, or a bunch of bean bags, you need to make sure your buddies will be comfortable, and that they’ll have somewhere to sit other than the floor. As some days it’ll be just you in the games room, and other times it’ll be all your friends all at once – we recommend choosing furniture that doubles up as seating. Ottomans and stools are perfect as they don’t take up much space and they can be tucked away easily.


Provide refreshments

Any self-respecting games room needs drinks and snacks on hand. Being able to get your mitts on a cold drink mid-poker game is absolutely essential. You need to be focusing on the game, not on going out for more booze. If the budget allows it, setting up an actual bar will win you serious cool points.

Light it up

Having the right mood lighting can make all the difference in a games room. Use lighting to define specific areas – for example, you might want spotlights or ceiling track lights over a card or pool table. It’s also a good idea to invest in black out blinds so that you can play in the day without the suns glare ruining your fun.


A good TV is an absolute must. If the room is large and there’s a chance you’ll want to watch movies or catch a game from a different area other than the couch, consider fitting the TV with a wall bracket so that you can reposition it accordingly. You’ll also need a way of pumping out the motivational tunes – a stereo, a record player, or maybe even a jukebox if space permits.

Surround sound

You want your gaming experience to be as immersive as possible, and for that reason we recommend investing in surround sound speakers. Whether you’re battling online opponents, taking in a movie, or enjoying a game of pool and a couple of beers, you’ll want the sound quality to be top notch.

Keep it clean

The last thing you want is one of your friends injuring themselves when he or she goes to change the music. There are going to be a lot of cables knocking about, make sure that they are kept in order, and that they aren’t a tripping hazard.


What’s a games room without a little friendly competition? Erect a leader board somewhere prominent so then you’ll always know who’s the one to beat.

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