Don’t Be Such a Doormat, Get Clever!


A hilarious holiday gift idea just landed on your doorstep. Function meets funny with Clever Doormats. Anyone with a sense of humor is sure to crack up with a Clever Doormat as a holiday present. Or if you’re going to a housewarming party, witty doormats are a sure way to leave your mark. Any host/hostess will appreciate this one-of-a-kind gift that’ll spark a smile.

The first thing your guests see when they arrive to your house should be memorable and uplifting. Clever Doormats will have them rolling over in laughter or rolling their eyes. Either way, the playful mats will put anyone in a good mood.
Quotes like “We Have Free WiFi” or “We Hope You Brought Wine” are ideas from fans of Clever Doormats and they’re always open to more of your favorite quotes. This means you may be seeing your silly words outside a door nearest you.

Get your Clever Doormat here!

Nothing of Value Here This is Not A Meth Lab We have free wi-fi

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